5 Reasons To Be A Proud Foodie

October 24, 2017

Some people eat to live and foodies live to eat. There is nothing that makes a foodie happier than trying out variety of foods and enjoying every morsel of their food.

It’s not just us food bloggers like myself and Hungry Harriet that do this. Here are 5 reasons why you should call yourself a foodie with utmost pride;

  1. You have a great understanding about food

There are people who will have just about anything for a meal, and then there are foodies, who relish each meal and are always looking for new things to try out. Your taste buds are always active and you have a great understanding of every ingredient in your food.

  1. You know the best places to eat

Foodies try about anything and don’t hesitate going out of their comfort zone, trying out new places to eat at, which is you have a good eye for some of the best hotels and restaurants in town

  1. You are highly trusted with your choice

Because of your reputation as a foodie, people will know you will choose the best of places to eat which is why, when you pick out a place to eat, your friends and family blindly trust your choice

  1. You are probably a great cook

Being a foodie is not just about eating, it is also about enjoying the whole process of cooking.  You love experimenting in your kitchen and the outcome of these experiments can be some of the most delicious dishes that people drool on.

  1. Food cheers you up like nothing else

Foodies recover from a rough day like no one else. All you have to do is, take away your favorite food from your favorite restaurant and every bite of the food acts as a stress buster for you.

Well, now you know why being foodie is the best thing ever.  So, don’t shy away from saying that you are a proud and a passionate foodie.  However, there is one thing that foodies dislike, and that is to wait for their order to arrive. Play bingo games on GameVillage, one of the best bingo sites so you don’t have to get bored as you wait for your delicious meal.

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