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Take a Break and Go See Montreal

March 29, 2020

Take a Trip To Montreal Canada

The year has just begun but that doesn’t mean you have to wait to take a vacation. Make this year count by traveling to places such as Montreal and exploring the world today. Montreal is a great place to visit for those who reside in Canada and for those who reside in the United States as well. Start your new year off right and book a flight to Montreal today.

So, what is there to see and do in the great city of Montreal? Let’s find out in this brief but fairly comprehensive guide.

The Places You Will Go in Montreal

Notre-Dame Basilica

Start your Montreal adventure by visiting the beautiful and magnificent Notre-Dame Basilica. This amazing landmark will provide you with wonderful views, culture, and a wonderful history to boot.

This church is a staple of the community and was founded about four centuries ago in the 1600s. The beautiful cathedral is one that every visitor should check out at least once. The cathedral is not just for those that are interested in architecture, it is for those who are taken aback by manmade art.

Visit Lester’s Deli

Grab a bite to eat. Get a smoked meat sandwich at Lester’s Deli, it is to die for.

Mount Royal

Appreciate the views that a natural landscape can provide. Many people have known to call this one of the greatest highlights of their trip to Montreal. The Mount offers a simple and easy walk while providing magnificent views. One can even witness individuals taking part in skiing on the mount as well. Make sure to visit the Chalet when you get to the top of the Mount. This place essentially serves as a park and simple getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city, individuals can take a step back and take in the big picture from Mount Royal.

Almost forgot to mention, this is a great place to be for hikers, bike lovers, peddle boat lovers, and those who love to be in the great outdoors.

Montreal Botanical Garden

If it is your first time to Montreal, make sure to visit this scenic location, it will serve as a great to hang out with friends, family, and associates.

The Montreal Botanical Garden offers various greenhouse sections, observation spaces, and the occasional bird that’ll stop by the gardens. Bask in the many walking paths and the various gardens this place has to offer.

Lastly, you will want to stop by the café and grab a bite to eat, you will definitely enjoy the overall vibes at this particular hotspot.

Find your inner peace at the Montreal Botanical Garden.

Lachine Canal

The Lachine Canal is a great area to engage in activities such as exercising and biking. If one were to arrive in the warmer seasons, they will be able to go on boat rides or go kayak with friends and family. Stop by the Lachine Canal when you want to wind down, hang out and ponder life’s greatest mysteries.

Pack a simple lunch and have a picnic with your friends and family.

Casino de Montreal

The Casino de Montreal is a place to go for the many thrill seekers out there. This casino boasts of being the largest casino in Canada, it is open 24 hours a day, so go whenever you feel like taking a risk and possibly winning big.

Don’t Forget to try poutine while in Montreal.  This delicacy is found in popular restaurants such as La Banquise, Poutineville, and Montreal Pool Room.

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Gardens Across the World

January 3, 2019

Buildings across the world have the wow factor, don’t they? How many times have you marveled at them when you’re on holiday? However, have you done the same when taking in their gardens? Perhaps not. Cultural differences are rife throughout the world and it’s amazing to see how we change our outdoor space depending on our beliefs and global location. Here, we look at how different societies tend to their gardens.

United Kingdom

In the UK, we appreciate the importance of our garden, especially when looking at buying a property. Research claims we will fork out up to £11,500 more on a home with a garden. For some, a garden is more valuable than an extra bedroom, meaning that even those of us who aren’t exactly green fingered love a bit of outdoor space to call our own. We pine for that perfect lawn, shed and relaxation area with a sun lounger.

A garden in the UK measures 15 metres long on average and is home to 10 different varieties of flowers. The most popular garden plants include tulips, rose lavender and bluebells, all of which add colour to a vibrant space. Throw in a greenhouse, birdbath and washing line and you have the UK’s perfect garden. Unfortunately, though, we normally only spend 12 hours each month in our garden due to the nation’s temperamental weather and our busy lifestyles.


In Italy, there is a much greater focus on symmetry and traditional spaces are home to few flowers. You will mainly find evergreen plants that have been manicured into geometric hedges or topiaries. One thing the Italians are very fond of is covering their stone walls with foliage vines or climbing roses.  The garden space is seen as an extension of the home’s entertainment area, so you are likely to find art work cladded throughout, including sculptures of gods and goddesses. On the patio, a lemon tree that has been potted in a stone urn is one of the nation’s favourites.

While the UK uses the likes of a bird bath or pond for a water feature, homes in Italy prefer the cooling effects of bubbling fountains, pools or cascades. Don’t be surprised to see water shoot out of hidden pipes if you’re walking along a garden path — this was a common feature in old Italy.


Moving away from the European garden scene, cultural references are even more prominent. Like so many other locations, India is known for its cultural diversity and this is evident in their colourful gardens. Thanks to the tropical weather India encounters, its garden plants can thrive and that is why so many homes will be filled to the brim with flowering plants.

The Tulsi, Queen of Herbs, is something that you’ll be likely to see throughout the country. It is thought of as the holiest and most cherished of the many healing and health-giving herbs that will be found in Hindu homes. Because of its holy status, it is planted in special pots and has earned a very special place in the country’s homes.

Roses are another likely part of an Indian garden. This is because they are said to bring happiness to your life — and they have the bonus of not requiring a lot of care. With cultural references throughout horticulture, money plants are also considered a lucky plant and there will be likely spots with them if you are to observe an Indian garden.

United States

 You will often find multilevel gardens stateside. Plastic decking is commonly used in spaces that are on a slope in order to provide a flat surface area to host those elusive barbecues, or to overlook your garden.  

The American garden is usually bigger than Europe’s efforts. Studies have shown that Americans are now growing more food in their gardens than ever before, meaning patches to ‘grow your own vegetables’ are becoming increasingly popular. In 2009, the White House even planted its first vegetable since the Second World War and, by 2013, it was reported that a third of the American public were growing their own food in the backyards.


It’s the dream for many Brits to start a life Down Under. But, how do their gardens compare? While it hugely depends on where you live — the Outback will differ immensely — we will focus on the suburban areas of Australia since more than 80% of the nation’s population lives in cities or bigger towns. Thanks to the enviable climate on offer, many Australians place outdoor living as a top priority. Lawns are becoming less important, with studies showing that a third of outdoor renovation projects are either reducing this space or removing it entirely. Decks, pergolas, terraces and verandahs are springing up in their place and almost half of the projects are incorporating a barbecue area into their plans.

When looking at plants, homeowners in Australia are keen to stick with floral displays that are native to Australia, or those that are drought-tolerant. For the lucky ones, an outdoor pool is a luxurious addition to the outdoor space, so you can cool down with a splash about.

South Africa

South Africans are another nation of outdoor lovers. Be it their own space or elsewhere, they are known to feel at home in open space. Ideas that are often noticeable in South African gardens are increasingly becoming more noticeable across the globe. South Africans often have a shaded area to hide away from the glaring sunshine. This could include shade-loving shrubs and perennials that have a walkway passing through, which adds to the serenity. They are also very fond of the wildlife. Whether it’s inviting our flying friends in for a drink of freshwater or providing nectar-loving birds with plants that delight them, they set up features to help entice the wildlife into the garden — similarly to how we do in Britain.

Many South African gardens are home to society garlic. It’s a worthy addition to herb gardens and the flowers bloom even under duress.

No matter where in the world you are, it’s clear that the garden is an important part of your home. While some use it for luxury, others believe certain plants can bring good fortune on the family.

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Local Beers of the World

July 6, 2018

Thanks to the internet and the established idea of a shared global economy, the world has become a true tapestry of international cultures which is in stark contrast from the isolated glass case that it once was for each of its continents.

This notion has also brought about a beautiful amalgamation of art, food, and entertainment, with the phenomenon also prevailing in beer, one of the simplest forms of joy known to mankind.

Found all through the world, beer is a staple beverage in our everyday lives where we drink it while banging heads to our favorite music performances, nodding at a heartfelt moment in a TV show, or just while having a good old fashioned drink at a bar, watching sports or simply engaging with conversation with someone interesting.

While Europe is known for housing the most enthusiastic beer aficionados, the types of beer that gets brewed throughout the world are not limited to your Budweiser or Bud Light, as each continent has its own take on this world-favorite beverage which only makes it all the more special.

Fortunately, you do not have to take a crash course in mixology to tell your IPAs apart from your roasted malts, as this handy world beer map has got you covered.

Thanks to this nifty tool, we have been able to select a few choices taken from all over the world to curb that enthusiastic beer fan in you.

No matter if you like your beverage to be aromatic or to leave a strong taste to savor for minutes after you have finished it, the world itself has got something for everyone (where else would you have it if not on the planet you live in?).

Stella Artois – Pilsner

Originating from Belgium as the nicer replacement for your store beer, this Pilsner is one of the most famous beers in the world. It is distinctive due to its slightly sweeter taste as compared to other Pilsners, which also makes it be more in demand by people who want to enjoy a drink without feeling too heavy about it.

And along with its taste, Stella Artois’ alcohol by volume (ABV) ratio helps achieve that goal, since it only has an ABV of 5.2%.

Pilsners are known for their light-amber color which could remind you of a golden hue on a shade of yellow, and Stella Artois goes the same way in appearance.

Erdinger Weissbier – Wheat

This German-brewed beer that hails from the Bavarian region is another gift from Europe to the world, where it is one of the most consumed beers not just for its Wheat-style of drinks, but just as a beverage that is known for its malty notes and the combination of the cozy yet refreshed feeling that it leaves you with after you have consumed it.

Having an ABV of 5.3%, it is easier to down a glass without feeling drowsy.

Wheat beer usually has a pale yellow color, and Erdinger Weissbier stays true to its name of “white beer” by following the same color swatch.

Punk IPA – Indian Pale Ale

Quite different from the Indian Pale Ales of the 18th century, the modern take on this beverage that is most famously produced within the UK is known throughout the world, and Punk IPA by Brew Dog seems to be one of the prime examples of the beer-type.

IPAs are known for their fruity taste and various degrees of hops, and often leave a dry taste in the mouth which is appreciated by those who like to savor their drinks that way. Punk IPA takes the same route and remains on the stronger side of beers which make them perfect for a casual social gathering, with an amber color that is rich in aesthetics.

Punk IPA has an ABV of 5.6%, which is lower than the usual 8% which was recorded in the early iterations of the beverage.

Heineken – Pale Lager

If you live in this world at all, then chances are that you may have come across the signature green bottle and red star of Heineken, which in many regions is synonymous with beer.

Brewed in the Netherlands, Heineken is a Pale Lager that is distinctive for its hops, with a clear taste that has made it one of the most famous beers in the world to the point where even people in remote areas can look at a Heineken bottle and instantly recognize it for being the exemplary beer that it has established itself to be.

Having a pale golden color that proverbially shines within its official packaging, Heineken has an ABV of 5%, which makes it a go-to choice for anyone who is looking for a crisp tasting beer without having to feel drowsy for drinking it.

Bourbon Barrel Russian Imperial – Stout

Brewed in the lively location of Las Vegas, United States, the Bourbon Barrel Russian Imperial has set itself apart within the region by offering a Stout that is meant for experienced beer drinkers.

With a taste that reminds its drinkers instantly of some of the richest elements in the world such as coffee, chocolate, oak and bourbon, the beverage is a delight like no other which imprints an unforgettable experience for anyone who is up to enjoying it.

The Bourbon Barrel Russian Imperial has a rich dark brown color that is instantly reminiscent of the aforementioned flavors. This stout has an ABV of 9.5%, which makes it an evening drink and one to be enjoyed by those who like a kick in their beer.

The Beer World Is Your Oyster

Since getting your hands on an international brand is not that difficult these days, you can find most of these brands at a popular local establishment or an online store. All that you need to do is to know exactly what you are buying so that you do not end up with something that you would not enjoy.

With the world beer map, you have the opportunity to learn more about these beers and many others in a better manner, which would not only add to your knowledge of the world to impress the ones in your circle but would also leave you with a sense of familiarity whenever you are up to trying a new style of beer yourself.

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Tips and Tactics for Building a Wine Cellar

April 26, 2018

If you are considering building a wine cellar in your home, there are a number of tips and tactics that you want to bear in mind. By considering these factors, you will be in the best position to craft an idyllic wine cellar that meets your specific needs and satisfies all of your desires.

Primary Purpose of Wine Cellar

The first consideration that you need to bear in mind when it comes to building a wine cellar for your home is to pinpoint its specific use. Of course, a cellar of this type is intended to store wine. If that is the only objective of adding a wine cellar to your home, you can keep things simple. The design and materials used in the cellar can be simple.

On the other hand, if your wine cellar will be utilized as a place to entertain, or at least display your wine to others, you will want to create a beautiful space. You will want to create a cellar that permits you the ability to proudly display your wine or allows you to entertain guests in style.

The first step in creating a more upscale wine cellar is the installation of an iron door into to your space. Indeed, you may want to consider a custom made iron door for your wine cellar. This addition adds a true sense of class and elegance to your wine cellar. It is a perfect addition, whether you want to display wine to others or want to use your wine cellar as a place to entertain.

The Essential Elements of a Wine Cellar

There are a trio of primary, essential elements that must be borne in mind when designing and building a wine cellar. The first of these is insulation. Experts in the construction of wine cellars maintain that they should have a minimum of R12 to R19 insulation. R19 is what truly is recommended, by R12 will do more often than not. If a wine cellar shares an exterior wall, the recommendation is for R30 insulation.

The next essential element of a wine cellar is the moisture barrier. The most widely used vapor barrier associated with a residential wine cellar is what is known as 6 mil poly sheeting. This is also known as Visqueen. The vapor barrier should be wrapped around all of the cellar. It should be placed on the outside of the insulation.

The next primary element of a wine cellar is an airtight seal. When the door is closed, it must form an airtight seal. You absolutely can have a decorative wine cellar door, like an iron one, and still have an airtight seal.

Glass Doors are Not Ideal

With regularity, people elect to install glass doors on their wine cellars. This particularly is the case when a person designs a wine cellar designed for display and entertaining and not just storage.

While a glass door to a wine cellar can be attractive, the impact the ability to keep the temperature and moisture in the cellar properly regulated. The same is true for glass windows added to the space.

Another option is to place an iron door on a wine cellar. The iron door can include a small amount of glass, a petite window. This permits the ability to peak into the window and yet maintains the ability to properly control temperature and moisture in the wine cellar.

Keep in mind that the ideal temperature in a wine cellar is between 55 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Humidity should be kept between 50 and 70 percent. These ranges represent ideal conditions for wine aging and storage.

Costs Associated with Building a Wine Cellar

The costs associated with building a wine cellar are variable and depend on a number of factors. Nonetheless, some rough estimates are possible.

The general construction costs of a wine cellar are contingent upon such things as the size of the wine cellar. The all-important wine cooling unit costs between $1,000 and $10,000.

You can estimate the costs associated with the wine rack or racks themselves by considering how many bottles will be stored and the materials that will be used in the racks. The cost of a wine rack is likely to run between $2 and $20.

The wine cellar door runs from about $300 to approximately $3,000. The material used in the wine cellar door drives the cost. For example, you will pay more for an elegant iron wine cellar door than is the case for something basic and plain.


Jessica Kane is a professional blogger who writes for Abby Iron Doors. Abby Iron Doors specialize in designing and manufacturing wrought iron entry doors, wine cellar doors, windows and balconies for residential and commercial customers.

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Seven Vegetables Well Suited to the First Time Gardener

April 26, 2018

You may have balked at growing a vegetable garden at home because you think the process will be too challenging for you. In reality, there are some vegetables that are easier to grow when contrasted with some others. In other words, there are some vegetables that are ideally suited to a first time gardener. Indeed, there are seven vegetables that you will want to take a close look at if you want to cultivate a vegetable garden for the first time.

One point to bear in mind is that these seven vegetables that are ideally suited to a novice gardener are nearly all perfect components of a healthy salad or the focus of popular side dishes. These vegetables are also not only easy to grow, but affordable.


Virtually all vegetable gardeners grow tomatoes. There are two primary reasons why this is the case. First, tomatoes are tasty and enjoyed by many people. Second, tomatoes are relatively easy to cultivate.

You can grow tomatoes in a variety of different ways. You can plant and cultivate them in a vegetable patch. However, you can also grow tomatoes in hanging baskets and other types of containers.

When growing tomatoes, you need to make certain the plants will receive a good amount of sun. In addition, you will want to make sure that you use stakes to support the plants when the fruit begins to grow on the stalks.

A good many gardening experts suggest growing smaller varieties of tomatoes, like cherry tomatoes. These are easier to tend to overall. They are also perfect for garden fresh salads and other purposes.


Another easier plant to cultivate, a vegetable that is ideal for a novice gardener, is lettuce. Lettuce can be planted in a variety of areas, including spots that get full or only partial sun.

One of the reasons why lettuce is popular with experienced and new gardeners alike is because it grows quickly. It is also easy to harvest. All you really need to do is snip off the top of the plants or pick leaves as you need them.


Cucumbers are another addition on the list of vegetables that are ideal for a first time gardener. Cucumbers thrive in direct sunlight and warm temperatures.

Because of the manner in which cucumbers grow, they actually do well when planted in containers. Cucumbers grow fast and easily. If you elect to grow cucumbers, you are likely to find that you will have more than you can use at the end of the season — leaving you with a largess you can share with others.

The National Gardening Association recommends that less experienced gardeners select bush rather than vine derivations of cucumbers. These are easier to grow in containers and other small spaces. Bush cucumbers are also more resistant to disease.


Another vegetable on the list of perfect choices for a novice gardener are carrots. Carrots thrive in deep soil, that is well drained. A raised garden bed is a solid idea for carrots.

Carrots can be grown in shadier areas. However, as is the case for most vegetables, carrots do better in full sun.


Radishes are yet another of the easier vegetables to grow, a choice that is well suited to a new gardener. Not everyone enjoys radishes. Nonetheless, they are a perfect touch to a salad. In addition, radishes are versatile and can be used as a health snack, appetizers, and as part of side dishes.

Radishes are easy to cultivate and grow fast. From the time you plant seeds, you can have full size radishes within about 20 days.

Green Beans

There is a myriad of different types of green beans. They nearly all are an ideal choice for a first time gardener. This includes everything from snap beans (or string beans) to shell or whole beans.

The vine variety of green beans tend to be a bit easier to grow. On the other hand, the bush derivation of green beans takes up less space. Generally speaking, nearly all varieties of green beans favor full sunlight, coupled with well drained soil.


Zucchini joins cucumbers and beans as being highly prolific plants. Zucchini can spread fairly quickly, leaving you with n abundant harvest of the plant.

Zucchini successfully can be grown in a vegetable bed or in a container. Zucchini is relatively easy to grow from seed. It does prefer warmer soil, so it typically is best to wait a bit later in the season to plant zucchini seeds.

Jessica Kane is a writer for Grow Ace, your best online option for getting your new hydroponic grow operation up and running quickly and easily.