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Seven Vegetables Well Suited to the First Time Gardener

April 26, 2018

You may have balked at growing a vegetable garden at home because you think the process will be too challenging for you. In reality, there are some vegetables that are easier to grow when contrasted with some others. In other words, there are some vegetables that are ideally suited to a first time gardener. Indeed, there are seven vegetables that you will want to take a close look at if you want to cultivate a vegetable garden for the first time.

One point to bear in mind is that these seven vegetables that are ideally suited to a novice gardener are nearly all perfect components of a healthy salad or the focus of popular side dishes. These vegetables are also not only easy to grow, but affordable.


Virtually all vegetable gardeners grow tomatoes. There are two primary reasons why this is the case. First, tomatoes are tasty and enjoyed by many people. Second, tomatoes are relatively easy to cultivate.

You can grow tomatoes in a variety of different ways. You can plant and cultivate them in a vegetable patch. However, you can also grow tomatoes in hanging baskets and other types of containers.

When growing tomatoes, you need to make certain the plants will receive a good amount of sun. In addition, you will want to make sure that you use stakes to support the plants when the fruit begins to grow on the stalks.

A good many gardening experts suggest growing smaller varieties of tomatoes, like cherry tomatoes. These are easier to tend to overall. They are also perfect for garden fresh salads and other purposes.


Another easier plant to cultivate, a vegetable that is ideal for a novice gardener, is lettuce. Lettuce can be planted in a variety of areas, including spots that get full or only partial sun.

One of the reasons why lettuce is popular with experienced and new gardeners alike is because it grows quickly. It is also easy to harvest. All you really need to do is snip off the top of the plants or pick leaves as you need them.


Cucumbers are another addition on the list of vegetables that are ideal for a first time gardener. Cucumbers thrive in direct sunlight and warm temperatures.

Because of the manner in which cucumbers grow, they actually do well when planted in containers. Cucumbers grow fast and easily. If you elect to grow cucumbers, you are likely to find that you will have more than you can use at the end of the season — leaving you with a largess you can share with others.

The National Gardening Association recommends that less experienced gardeners select bush rather than vine derivations of cucumbers. These are easier to grow in containers and other small spaces. Bush cucumbers are also more resistant to disease.


Another vegetable on the list of perfect choices for a novice gardener are carrots. Carrots thrive in deep soil, that is well drained. A raised garden bed is a solid idea for carrots.

Carrots can be grown in shadier areas. However, as is the case for most vegetables, carrots do better in full sun.


Radishes are yet another of the easier vegetables to grow, a choice that is well suited to a new gardener. Not everyone enjoys radishes. Nonetheless, they are a perfect touch to a salad. In addition, radishes are versatile and can be used as a health snack, appetizers, and as part of side dishes.

Radishes are easy to cultivate and grow fast. From the time you plant seeds, you can have full size radishes within about 20 days.

Green Beans

There is a myriad of different types of green beans. They nearly all are an ideal choice for a first time gardener. This includes everything from snap beans (or string beans) to shell or whole beans.

The vine variety of green beans tend to be a bit easier to grow. On the other hand, the bush derivation of green beans takes up less space. Generally speaking, nearly all varieties of green beans favor full sunlight, coupled with well drained soil.


Zucchini joins cucumbers and beans as being highly prolific plants. Zucchini can spread fairly quickly, leaving you with n abundant harvest of the plant.

Zucchini successfully can be grown in a vegetable bed or in a container. Zucchini is relatively easy to grow from seed. It does prefer warmer soil, so it typically is best to wait a bit later in the season to plant zucchini seeds.

Jessica Kane is a writer for Grow Ace, your best online option for getting your new hydroponic grow operation up and running quickly and easily.

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