Beat Stress and Enjoy Your Life Daily

April 26, 2020

Everyone is so stressed these days. The will to live and the pursuit of happiness comes with a lot of ups and downs. Enjoying the good times is easy, but not everyone has the necessary skills to get through the difficult ones. When bombarded with responsibilities, setbacks, and disruptions, stress reaches chronic levels lessening one’s health and quality of life. 

How is it that some people are able to enjoy their lives no matter what? They have essentially learned how to reduce the stress which lightens their emotional load and physical strain allowing them to lead more positive lifestyles. Doing this does take practice, but it isn’t impossible. Just start with some of these suggestions listed below:

Laugh More

Life and the world around us are so serious these days. Everywhere you turn there is stress, drama, traumatic experiences, and chaos. Though you can’t always change what’s going on, learning to laugh can make even the most difficult challenges easier to overcome. As laughter is prescribed as the best medicine, start doing more to put a smile on your face. Watch a funny movie or television show, joke around with relatives and friends, or watch a funny video on the internet. 

Treat Yourself

Finances are a common struggle. When you’re barely making enough money to pay the bills, you often have to sacrifice getting things that bring you joy just to get by. Depriving yourself on a regular basis, however, dampens your mood and builds resentment. Every now and then it’s alright to treat yourself. A full body massage on a comfortable massage table in a tranquil setting will certainly take your stress away. A new t-shirt, pair of pants, or accessory can ease your frustrations. Treating yourself in an affordable and unselfish manner makes you feel better about life and fret less over your finances. 

Think Positively

Reducing your stress could be as simple as changing the way you think. When you’re constantly thinking about all you’ve got going on, particularly in a negative light, it compounds the stress to your mind and body. Altering your train of thought can take practice but those that are happiest and the least stressed in life think happy thoughts. So what your bills are a bit behind and your employer is riding you at work about a deadline. Find joy in the fact that you have a job to provide for yourself and others and these thoughts motivate you to keep pushing for better days. 

Watch the Content

The type of content you’re exposed to on a regular basis can have a lot to do with your mood. Late night news reports are often stressful as they talk of war, politics, natural disasters, and increasing crime. Social media creates an illusion of perfection in the lives of those you know which causes you to compare it to your own. Television shows and movies can be gory in nature or create a fantasy of happily ever after. Though it’s okay to review content, you should be mindful of the types you’re exposed to regularly. Too much of this type of content adds stress and can also leave you feeling anxious and depressed. Learn to intentionally watch and read things that are positive in nature to improve your mood and inspire positive change. 

Love What You Do

The average person spends more awake hours in the office than they do anywhere else. With work taking up such a large portion of your time, it only seems right to work in a career you enjoy. Unfortunately, work-related stress is common as many individuals work to pay the bills with companies they’re not satisfied with. This becomes overwhelming not only in the workplace but spills into their personal lives making everything stressful. If this is you, perhaps it’s time for a change. Create a plan of action to move into a career that you love. This daily passion will exude in your profession and reduce the stress you’re feeling at home. 

Why does it seem like some people are able to enjoy life more than others? It’s not because they have a certain amount of money, a particular house, or are married to the perfect spouse. It’s because they’ve learned how to reduce stress on a regular basis which makes it easier for them to get through the troubled times and lavish in the good ones. If you’d like to enjoy your life daily, start developing practices such as those listed above for positive change. 

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