Costa Rica- A Foodie’s Haven

January 21, 2019

Foodie tours have become quite popular in Costa Rica. This exceptionally beautiful country has a lot to offer foodies. Costa Rica overflows with cacao farms, exotic tropical fruits, and coffee plantations, while its coastlines are rife with fish.

The country’s predilection for homemade food, organic, and homegrown ingredients guarantees that your taste buds will certainly not be disappointed. The food tours in Costa Rica will add an in-depth experience to what’s already going to be an unforgettable trip.

Manuel Antonio

The Pacific coastal town offers more than wildlife and beaches. It also has an organic spice plantation open to visitors. While there, you can stay at the Arenas Del Mar Beachfront & Rainforest Resort. The resort has an outdoor coffee station and stellar culinary program. One notable pastime is a tortilla-making class where after making the snack from queso fresco, corn flour, and sour cream, you’ll get to wash it down with a glass of agua dulce.

Villa Vanilla, a 27-acre organic spice plantation, offers tours around the farm. Visitors will appreciate the art of peeling cinnamon bark and chopping turmeric. After a hike through the trees all the way to a hilltop viewpoint, guests are treated to chili-spiked brownies.

Arenal Region

In addition to its volcano views and hot springs, the Arenal region is also famous for its fruit plantations, more so, the Finca Corsicana, which is the largest fair trade and organic pineapple plantation in the world. Visitors touring the fields can learn about the fruit growing process and taste the juicy produce.

Veggie lovers get to enjoy organic dishes at the Tabacon Resort and Spa. The hideout sits in the shadow of Arenal volcano. The exclusive gala dinners are served in a gazebo with culinary indulgences such as the mouth-watering St. Peter fish fillet or tofu teriyaki. Guests can also enjoy some reviving treats such as green tea exfoliations, coffee, coconut, ginger, and chocolate wraps.

Papagayo Peninsula

Popularly known for its fishing villages and white sandy beaches, Papagayo is excellent for snorkeling, surfing, and diving. This coastal town is home to the Café Britt-an ideal stop for gourmet lovers. Guests can enjoy the flavor variations of coffee through tastings.

Dining at Caracol restaurant is an attraction. The signature Chef’s Table Experience offers patrons fine feasts under a pergola surrounded by an organic garden. Delicacies include a side-by-side tasting of Costa Rican and American beef or local sashimi-style tuna.

 Another delight is the Chocolate Beach Factory that offers chocolate-making classes. Participants get to grind, cook, and roast cacao beans till they become delicious confections.

San Jose

The capital city of Costa Rica is the country’s culinary center. A visit to the market is a great way to familiarize yourself with the nation’s remarkable bounty of vegetables and fruits. The Mercado Central, founded in 1880, bustles with over 200 vendors selling fish, meat, and produce.

While there, you can enjoy Casado in Soda Cristal. This savory dish comprises rice and beans and is served with seafood, meat, or chicken with a salad, plantains, and tortillas. If you fancy dining out in an elegant restaurant, try out the Grano de Oro. It’s a popular eatery for gourmands.

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