Drink and Play! Top Restaurants for Gaming

April 10, 2017

It isn’t an easy task to get out of the house in the cold winter, especially when one has to consider the several kingdoms and galaxies to be conquered and saved right from your computer desk or sofa. Not only experienced gamers would understand the joy of not even having to put on a trouser, not to talk of heavy winter clothing before one can enjoy all the goodies of Mecca free slots and other casino games. However, gamers are known to be social people who enjoy the game chats and challenging others. This is why we would be looking at some top bars to go to for a pint of beer and the fun of gaming.

Top Bars To Visit To Grab A Pint And Play Games

Four Quarters: This venue came to actualisation at Peckham somewhere in early 2014 and they had just one vision. They aimed at supplying good craft beers, over ten classic cabinets for arcade, several types of toasters for sandwich charms that would go single-handed. The owners invest a lot of effort to ensure that their arcade machines are in perfect shape. This place makes a great affordable venue for one to enjoy classic games like Pac-man, King of Fighters and other several gaming options that don’t involve using a joystick and coin slots.

–           Loading Games Lounge: irrespective of changing its location for the second time to Stoke Newington from Soho and Falmouth, this bar still is the most famous and approachable in London. This is a venue that portrays so many gaming values from the game-themed cocktails to the stacks of board games that everyone can access. Even though they do not offer food, the customers are welcome to bring in their packed food or order a pizza. You can come along with your own board game and pet, if you must. Feel free to join the several tournaments and competitions that they offer at several intervals. Such a relaxed environment supports a superb gaming experience.

–           Meltdown: This one is located not far from Caledonian Road station. It is the true definition of a bar that has competitive advantages. It is marked the first bar in the UK to offer eSports and it is just one of Meltdown’s franchise. You are sure of finding games that are meant for strategic moves and swift reflexes here. A majority of the friendly games and competitions are carried out across a stack of laptops for XMG gaming. The gaming arsenal is equipped with other Wii and Xbox consoles. Which is your favourite: League of Legends, Dota 2, or Starcraft? You are allowed to play these games generally free, however, that doesn’t mean you can just grab a keyboard while a serious raid or tournament is on. As it is known that you don’t necessarily have to take parts in order to enjoy eSports, which is why Meltdown streams the largest eSports tournaments globally on a huge projector at the centre of the bar.

Now, you have three great bars in London that can take care of just about any gambling and social needs. However, if you have a favourite one that you think deserves to be on such a list, you are free to let us know in the comment.

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