These Are The Top Five Indian Dishes You Must Try

January 16, 2017

Indian cuisine is delicious, full of spices and often spicy, too. There are so many great dishes that selecting the top five is a little bit tricky. What are your favorite Indian food dishes? The great thing about Indian food is that India itself is culturally diverse, so that means top food dishes are also diverse and made using a variety of cooking techniques. Not only that, but addictive street food is also a thing in India, just like in say Thailand and for a stateside example, New York.

Any tourist destination has street food, but it is part of the culture in India. Let’s get down to these top five food dishes so you can start whipping up the recipes for dinner. You might have to go buy some ingredients though because you’re talking dishes of the eastern world, like the first pick for the top five, Chicken Stew and Appam.

This dish almost looks like what you would expect a creamy chicken noodle soup to look like. It is nothing like it though, and a real description would be chicken chunks in gravy with Appam. The gravy is a spicy coconut gravy, which makes it sound absolutely delicious.

The second dish that makes the top five is going to make your mouth water if you like lamb. Lamb is a delicious meat used in many Indian recipes. The Kakori Kabobs are lamb kabobs, and of course you can guess that all kinds of great spices are used.

The third dish that makes the top five is Rogan Josh, which some would say is #1. It is a dish that is again known for its special spices and is from Kashmir.

It is fun to learn where the dishes are from in India, too.

Coming in at #4 is a dish called Butter Chicken, which calls for a marinade of spices and yogurt.

At #5 is Dhokla, which you can’t pass up if you are learning about Indian cuisine.

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