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Best Cars for Year-Round Travel

July 12, 2017

Through Sun or Snow: Best Multi-Seasonal Cars

Whether it’s surviving snow storms or dune-jumping off-road, when you need a car that’ll handle every kind of weather, these 6 will have you covered.

When looking for the perfect vehicle for your growing family, it is imperative to make sure you choose a model with proven safety features in addition to fuel economy and spacious comfort.

Most people typically shop for a new car during the summer months and forget to think about what the coming winter might have in store for their area. It is always important to be a cautious driver, but if your vehicle is not designed to perform well in deep snow, heavy rains, or other common winter conditions, then you might be left taking the bus.

We’ve listed just a few year-around vehicles that’ll last the test of time – and seasons.

  1.    Dodge Durango

The Durango’s all-wheel drive and V-6 engine can power your family through most any road conditions. With its outstanding capacity to seat seven, this vehicle offers plenty of room to fit all your needs. In addition, its rain-sensing wipers, three-zone automatic climate control, heated seats, mirrors, and even a heated steering wheel will take the bite out of Mr. Freeze.

  1.  Land Rover Range Rover

This vehicle’s top-notch abilities both on- and off-road are equaled by few others. Its luxury interior offers comfortable heated seating and plenty of cargo capacity. The Ranger Rover also offers a heated windshield so you no longer have to scrape your windows on those frosty mornings. Its powerful Xenon headlights are certain to see you clearly through any storm or dark night’s drive.

  1.  Subaru Outback

With plenty of interior room, outstanding cargo capacity, and comfortable seating, this vehicle is a real crowd pleaser. The Outback lives up to its name, with its 8.7 inches of ground clearance and all-wheel drive; deep snow, heavy rains, and icy conditions won’t slow this vehicle down. In addition, it also has options available for heated mirrors, seat warmers and a windshield de-icing feature.

  1.    Toyota RAV4

The RAV4 is a dependable and safe SUV that is big enough for the entire family as well as all their gear. This vehicle meets the challenges of both summer’s heat and winter’s cold. In addition, Toyota’s Safety Sense Package consists of automatic high beam headlights and adaptive cruise control.

  1.    Jeep Grand Cherokee

Well-known for their off-road abilities, the Jeep Grand Cherokee sticks to its reputation, performing well against all weather conditions. This vehicle is top-notch when tackling deep snow, icy road conditions, as well as its ability to plow through deep beach sand for some summer fun. In addition to being large enough to comfortably haul the entire family, it also comes with an available option of console gaming interface and a Blu-Ray entertainment system.

  1.    Ford Explorer

This vehicle will keep you going no matter what Mother Nature pitches your way with its impressive Terrain Management System, allowing you to adjust its four-wheel-drive to accommodate your needs during various road conditions. Its spacious interior offers seating for seven with a good amount of cargo space as well.

No matter what the weather throws at you, there’s no reason for you to skimp on safety or comfort. These vehicles each offer plenty of space and ability to handle a variety of conditions all year around.

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