How Eating Healthy After a Breakup Can Help You Heal

December 4, 2017

Breakups are painful, whether you see them coming or not.  We’ve all helped others through these times but when it is you, it can be hard to remember your own advice.  One of the tops ways that we fail ourselves can often be with our diet – so how can you make sure you eat healthily and look after yourself after a breakup?

Breakup with bad habits

As you are at a crossroads of sorts due to the end of the relationship, it can also be a good time to kick and bad food habits you have picked up.  Eating too many takeaways, too much fatty food, drinking too much, all of these can be habits that we fall into and that don’t help our body.  By getting rid of some of these habits and cleansing our bodies, we can also do the same with our minds and this helps us to heal after the breakup.

Eat foods that lift your mood

One of the biggest problems after a breakup can be low mood – feeling depressed and sad.  But foods can actually help by naturally boosting your mood and helping you overcome these feelings.  Try to eat foods that boost your mood naturally such as:

  • Salmon – source of energy-boosting omega-3 fatty acids that make the brain work well
  • Bananas – give you potassium and Vitamin B that gives you energy and helps you do more
  • Coconut – source of triglycerides, a kind of fat that turns to energy and boost you
  • Goji berries – add these to a smoothie to help with a healthy mood and sharpen the mind

Food and exercise

If you think that the breakup might not be final, you may want to work on keeping yourself in good shape.  This is just one of the ways you can deal with the breakup – check this website on breakups for more tips.  You can also look at eating the right foods to give you the energy to try a new type of exercise – maybe your ex was a jogger, but you never really enjoyed it.  So why not take on yoga or Pilates instead?  Eating the right food is key to giving yourself plenty of energy to try these things.

Try something different

You can also try something different in the kitchen now you are on your own.  Maybe your ex didn’t like spicy food, but you always wanted to try making your own curries.  Or maybe they insisted on plain dishes where you want to try the alternative recipes.  Make meals fun by eating what you want to eat, no compromises.

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