Email Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

October 22, 2018

By virtue of having a limited budget in a very competitive landscape, small companies do not have access to a plethora of marketing strategies. This is why email marketing is very crucial for such local businesses. It gives them the opportunity to establish long-term success and to reach a great many people with a limited budget.

The following describes some important email marketing tips to improve your business metrics:


Fair promotions are always likely to get some traction from the customers. Timely promotions will have a positive influence on sales and create more site traffic. Research has shown that people are interested in hearing about discounts and promotions offered by local businesses and 64% of them prefer to receive such offers via email. Promotions have a high success rate of kick-starting sales growth. For instance, a restaurant could email its subscribers special offers like coupons or lunch discounts.

Easy Subscription

Your customers should not struggle to subscribe to your newsletter. A difficult subscription process will put off many potential customers which will eventually hurt the business’s sales. The sign-up process can be made easier through:

  • Minimizing the fields on sign-up boxes to make the registration process easier
  • Including the social share buttons in your emails. This will allow subscribers to share the email content with other people and thus increase your subscribers, as well as, create brand awareness
  • Add CTAs (Call To Action) on your blog posts and on your social media pages

Let People Have Information Beforehand on What to Expect

Be transparent and forthcoming with your content. This helps prevent your emails from being viewed as spam or just irrelevant. People should be aware of the content to expect before they subscribe. The newsletter subscription form should clearly detail what the subscriber can expect to receive by signing up. This will not only protect you from legal repercussions but also lessen the likelihood of your audience unsubscribing.

Audience Segmentation


Ensure your email campaigns targets a specific customer base. Your marketing strategy must consider the different needs of the customers. Get to understand your target audience. This will help you to create smaller sub-groups with offers and content designed specifically to match their unique needs and wants. Segmentation can be done through a number of ways including personalization, geo-targeting, and demographics.

Approximately 760% revenue boost is expected from segmented campaigns. It is hugely profitable. Elements like visuals, subject line, CTA, and offers can be extremely helpful in establishing audience segmentation.

A/B Testing

As a business, it’s vital to know what your customers want. In the same way, it’s important to know which strategies are working and which ones are not. This is where the A/B testing method comes in. An effective A/B testing will require knowing exactly what to test. Things to test include the subject line, call to action, personalization, testimonials to include, and body text.

Testing will help you gather valuable information on your customers, which will be very important in decision-making. A/B testing will also improve user engagement, boost conversion rates, and improve the content. Data analysis will be needed afterward to measure certain metrics like conversion rates, unsubscribe rates, CTR rates, and open rates. The results will tell you what you are doing right or wrong.

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