Show Off Your Work Style with Business Cards

April 19, 2020

It is a widely recognized phenomenon that having a certain sense of style in your business doesn’t only set it apart from its competitors, but also provides you with the confidence of having a distinguished brand image.

Whether it is through your office décor or your promotional material, projecting your business’ style and personality in a holistic manner opens many doors of opportunities for you.

And when that is done in the form of some of the best business cards, it carries a few additional benefits in itself.

Using Business Card Enhances the Appeal of Your Business

As an analog contact sharing medium that has been used for centuries, business cards have an effect of their own. Regardless of how advanced of a smartphone you carry around, you cannot argue against the connection that you can invoke by sharing your info in the form of a business card instead of a digital contact.

When you think of it, there’s a simple logic behind it. As humans, we respond more strongly to things that we could sense more profoundly, as compared to the ones that we could only perceive in one way.

For instance, a chic jacket or scarf cannot have the same effect through a picture as it does when you could hold it in your hands. This is because by looking at the picture, you are using your visual senses exclusively. But when you are able to see, touch, and feel the very same jacket or scarf all by yourself, it elevates your experience to a whole new level.

Similarly, while digital contacts can do the job of sharing letters and numbers in what is a fairly monotonous way, they fail to invoke the memory, the connection, or the positive feelings that you want to establish for your business.

That is where business cards come in.

How Business Cards Help You Achieve Your Desired Business Image

Through various color schemes, materials, and designs, business cards give you an option to turn away from the mundane looking digital contacts and project your style the way you want.

From foil business cards to clear business cards, and from photo-printed business cards to embossed business cards, ensure to find something that goes right in line with your business’ image.

With vendors such as Basic Invite, ordering business cards that are the right fit for your personal and professional vision is now easier than ever.

How Basic Invite Makes Sure You Can Project the Style You Want

Basic Invite has a state of the art online design tool that lets you customize your card to the very last detail. Whether it’s about the shade of your card’s background or the color of your business’ name, you can count on the popular stationery provider to fulfill all your personalization needs.

With over 180 different color options in each element of your card, you have almost unlimited color options at your disposal. This is clearly something that sets Basic Invite apart from other vendors. But that’s not all.

With the ability to order custom samples for each iteration of your design, you can hold your new card in your hand and see if it evokes the feeling you wanted. If it does, you can order a whole bunch right there. If it doesn’t, then you can redesign your card until its picture perfect.

There are different varieties in each card design as well. For instance, in foil business cards, you could have the option to have your raised or flat design done in gold, silver, or rose gold. While in other business cards, you could enjoy options such as two sided business cards.

Basic Invite also offers over 40 different colors of envelopes, so you do not only have the option to project your style through business cards but your other business stationery as well. With that, you also have the option to enjoy an online address capturing service, so you could keep all your mailing information in one place.

Basic Invite is currently offering 15% off with coupon code: 15FF51 – keeping this in mind, if you want your business cards to enforce their association with all what’s good in the world, this would be the time to start designing them.

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