Food Hygiene – We All Need

September 4, 2020

Food is the basic necessity of all the human beings and it is very much essential to handle, prepare and store food correctly in order to ensure a sound health to everyone. Kids, old people and patients are particularly very much sensitive in this regard and a little bit of carelessness whatsoever may result in a chaos. Food contamination, usually caused by bacteria, viruses or other parasites, must be avoided by our collective efforts. Likewise, food preparation areas must be kept absolutely clean and hygienic all the time to ward off infection and the like.

The Role of a Worker Who Prepares Food and Drink

Such a worker is the central figure in the whole game, like Two Wests in providing quality equipment for gardens, and his role is quite vital just like that of a backbone in our body. He must understand and practice safe food handling as well as food preparation techniques to impart good health to the all attached. Unfortunately, if he lacks in any area, he must immediately seek further advice and even training.

The Legal Requirements of a Worker Who Prepares Food and Drink

Food hygiene must have the top most priority in the safety policy of every workplace. The summary of infection prevention and control principles is clearly documented in the ICS policy. Such a worker is required to apply the following good working practices all the time.

  • Scrupulous handling of all blood and other bodily fluids from all the service users irrespective of the risk of infection involved.
  • Application of all the basic hygiene practices with regular hand decontamination being practiced between contracts with all the clients.
  • Water proof dressings of the existing wounds or the skin lesions.
  • Wearing the appropriate protective clothing (disposable gloves, plastic aprons, head scarves, etc.) whenever in contact with blood or other bodily fluids, the potentially infectious mater.
  • Immediate and safe disposal of the hazardous and infectious waste as per section of the ICS health and safety policy.
  • Cleaning all blood spillages with strong detergents then and there.
  • Keeping all the workers suffering from gastroenteritis, diarrhea, vomiting, chicken pox, flu, etc. away from their duty even 48 hours after they get rid of the symptoms.
  • Adhering to the food hygiene policy in accordance with the Food Safety Act 1990 and the Food Safety Regulations 1995.

The Main Objectives of a Worker Who Prepares Food and Drink

Preventing the spread of infection and bacteria in order to secure the service users from food related illnesses and keeping the work areas clean and safe all the time should be the objectives of such a worker. Otherwise, poor food hygiene may definitely cause stomach disorders, vomiting and diarrhea leading sometimes even to death under adverse conditions.

 The Role of Personal Hygiene

While preparing food, personal hygiene must be taken under strong consideration, for the bacteria lying on your skin can contaminate food, thus causing severe infection to the users. You should take bath every day, but avoid using strong smelling perfumes, after shave lotions and creams, deodorants, etc. because they may also contaminate the food and alter its flavour. Your hair should be tied and covered and if you ever happen to touch or rub your hair or face, you must wash your hands straight away. Always keep your nails pared and wear neat and clean clothes as well.

Whenever serving or assisting a service user with hi food, wear blue gloves and apron. There is no need to handle or touch the served food items unless absolutely necessary and that, too, for the shortest amount of time possible. Never keep the prepared food lying around. Rather try to serve it at the earliest. Keep it in mind that cooked food must be reheated only once. Never try to touch the food items without the prior consent of the service user. Always pick the mugs and cups from their handles and the glasses from the mid instead of their necks. Be clear about the fact that your personal hygiene contributes a lot towards over all food hygiene.

Food Premises Must Be Ever Clean and Well-lit

Food premises must always be supportive to food hygiene. The premises must be easy to clean, well-lit and with a plenty of storage. The whole place must be clutter free to avoid dust or any other contaminant. Before you start your work, make sure that the whereabouts are perfectly clean and the utensils are well sterilized.

By the all above-said, you can judge as to how much the food hygiene is important for all of us. So be ever careful.

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