Why You Should Always Rinse Sushi Rice before Cooking

May 2, 2018

Sushi is a traditional Japanese recipe prepared with rice, seafood, sugar, salt, tropical fruits and a variety of other ingredients. It’s usually served with soy sauce, pickled ginger, daikon radish, and wasabi to enhance the flavour.

When it comes to preparing sushi, many people believe sushi rice is a particular type of rice that can only be used to make this recipe. But it’s actually small grain or medium grain white rice that you can use for any other dish. You can also use brown rice, but if you want to follow the traditional recipe, you should prefer white grain rice. Check out to buy a sushi machine.

To rinse or not to rinse rice before preparing sushi rice is a common concern among people. Some people find it extremely important to wash rice beforehand, whereas others don’t consider it important. So, let’s discuss in detail whether or not you should rinse sushi rice before cooking the dish.

Why You Should Wash Sushi Rice

The traditional method of cooking sushi is to wash rice thoroughly. People used to rinse the rice a few times before they would get started with the recipe. Many people still prefer to follow the tradition when preparing the dish. But some companies print the instructions on rice bags that the customers should avoid washing rice so as to retain its nutrients.

Some people believe that it’s not necessary anymore to wash rice before cooking. Back in the day, people used to wash rice in order to get rid of starch. But now the grains are washed after processing to get rid of the starch before enclosing it in a rice bag. However, it’s in your best interest to wash rice so that you can prepare a healthy meal.

Rice has bran and Japanese short grain rice is processed in a machine to remove this bran. During the process, the rice rubs against each other and this friction causes the outer layer to come off in the form of small and dusty particles. Although these particles are carefully removed, some of these still stick to the polished rice.

If you don’t wash rice before cooking, you may not be able to prepare the perfect recipe. It’s because bran not only ruins the texture of polished rice, it also gives off an unpleasant smell and makes rice too sticky. Therefore, if you want to enjoy delicious sushi with just the perfect taste, you should wash rice beforehand.

How to Wash Sushi Rice

Although you may end up losing some of the nutrients when washing rice, the loss is minimal. In order to wash rice, take rice in a large pot and fill the remaining space with water. Stir rice with your fingers to clean it and then drain water. Repeat the process a few times until the draining water becomes almost clear.

If you want to prepare perfect sushi rice, try washing rice before cooking. This will give the recipe a fresh and exciting taste.

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