The 5 Foods That Will Spice Up A Date

July 18, 2018

Dating can be about love, or simply desire. Either way, it invites our best senses to come out, so speaking of senses, why not try to enhance those with a few extra ingredients. What are we talking about? Food of course! Eating out is probably one of the most popular dating activities, and that makes a lot of sense. From the distraction that it provides to the plethora of tastes food can offer, it really is the ideal accompaniment for that perfect date. Today we take a look at the 5 foods that can help to spice up and elevate your dating life.

Food#1– Sushi

If there is one kind of food that really lends to sharing and trying different dishes, it has to be Sushi. All those different looking plates just make you want to try it all, and it can create a really complicit atmosphere during your date. As you are sharing those little dishes, trying them from each other’s plates, you are developing a great spirit of complicity that brings you together and make each other interact with one another.

Also, you can always use Sushi as a way to demonstrate your finger skills with those chopsticks. All round, Shushi is a great way to get together and share some fun times. It certainly beats the traditional: ‘let’s keep to each other’s plates’ approach, encouraging interaction and complicity.

Food#2 – Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate has always had a sexy connotation behind it. This could apply to traditional dates, but also those naughtier flings you can get on dating sites like In fact we think it works very well for those times when you’re having one of those casual dates from the internet. What better way to drive up the tension than the two of you getting your lips around a combination of dark chocolate and strawberries?

The taste, the imagery behind it, it all lends to a very sexy and sulphurous atmosphere. This is definitely one of those more ‘sexy foods’, and it can do very well in the more sensual settings. As far as traditional and romantic dating, it works too. However you should be prepared for the temperature to rise, so make sure you are prepared for what might come next!

Food#3 – Ice cream

Since we just talked about chocolate, we can’t help but to mention the other most popular desert for dating: ice cream. Why ice-cream we hear you asking? Simply put, it is all to do with the licking. It is a sexy way to show your tongue skills. This probably sounds a bit sleazy, but you know there is a lot of truth to this.

Plus it might just help you to cool down as that temperature between the two of you is rising! Also, did we mention all those flavours that you can try? From chocolate to vanilla, going through all the exotic fruits the world has to offer. It is a true feast for the senses, and a great way to share food in the most intimate matter. What better way is there to increase your libido and make yourself sexier? Ice cream is simply the best!

Food#4 – A burger

Some foods simply make a statement, and burgers are definitely part of those. When you choose a burger in a restaurant, it almost feels like you are making point that says: “this is what I like, and I don’t wish to make any compromises”. Your dating partner might well admire the fact that you know who you are and what you want.

In fact, it will most likely come across as being sexy. Both women and men love for their partner to show certainty, and choosing a burger can show a great sign of having lots of character. There is something very primal and sexy about the whole thing. It fits the ‘manly man’ as well as the ‘woman who knows what she wants’ impression, and that works out great for a lot of people.

Food #5 – A spicy curry

This might sound like an odd last suggestion, and it might not be for everyone. However an American study has found that women fancy men more after eating spicy foods. Basically, the study highlights that experiencing with our senses can influence how people’s perceptions towards relationships. Who would have thought that eating a curry would increase our romantic senses? So when you choose a restaurant for that next date, you might want to make it spicy!

Now of course this might not be for everyone, especially if you have a low resistance to spices. If you know it will make you physically uncomfortable, then it is probably best you keep away from spicy foods altogether. Sweating at your table as you are dating isn’t the most attractive thing. It all really depends on how well you and your dating partner can handle those spices.

Bon appétit!

Those are just some of the foods that can really make your dating life sexier, more sensual and all round more interactive. Are you surprised with some of the foods that are discussed in this article? We certainly find that not all of them can work for everybody, but diversity is the spice of life! There is something for everyone, and we hope you find something on this list that will make your next date better, sexier, and a more sensual experience.

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