Wedding Foods that Will Blow You Away

July 18, 2018

There is nothing quite like a wedding day. Two family and people coming together and uniting. It is indeed a most joyous occasion, and for many, it is one of the most fabulous days of their lives. So why not make this day truly memorable by getting the best food that you can.

There are a wide variety of foods and banquets that you may want to consider for this most joyous day. So to help skim down the numerous options you have, we have taken the liberty to name just a few.

And yes we are are this is a very small list, but the idea is to instill in you more ideas to consider. Also, I have to say, you can buy your wedding gown with an affordable price from JJ’s House and have more budget on your wedding food.

4 Wedding Food Ideas

# 1 – Traditional Sit and Eat

This is perhaps one of the most common food ideas out beer where the guest all sit down and have the option of choosing from two or maybe sometimes three possibilities. The great thing about this is that you can focus a great deal on a meal type that won’t break the budget. Because if you didn’t know wedding dresses aren’t cheap.

# 2 – Banquet

If you have the money to splurge why not do it big right. Having a banquet could be most satisfying for your guest. This may be a bit more expensive but inferring people a wide array of meals could really make this event that much more enjoyable.

# 3 – Family Style

There is nothing like a home cooked meal made by ma and pa; hey men have progressed a great deal since the late 50s. Having a meal plan created by the family on both sides will better unite this whole event and bring the families that much closer.

# 4 – Food Trucks

A bit unconventional but an excellent option for the bride and groom that really want to stick out for the rest of the married couples. This is really for the hipsters and young people who are looking for their own identity.

#5 Afternoon tea

There’s nothing more elegant than an afternoon tea, featuring dainty cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches and the delicate flavourings of pistachio and rose macarons. Of course, no high-tea would be complete without a warm fruit scone, topped with fresh clotted cream and jam. You can take this charming theme up a notch by serving your scones with glitter jams in boozy flavours and swapping out the usual breakfast tea for a glass of bubbly, or how about serving cocktails in china teapots for a quirky edge.

The Skies Are The Limit

For this happy most day – do it big. Laugh, party, dance your feet off an eat your stomach out. There are indeed a plethora of meal ideas out ether so do a bit more research before deciding on it. Make your wedding day a day that you will always remember.

So bone appetite to all those happy couples getting married.

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