A Foodie’s Guide to Cruise Holidays

July 16, 2017

What better way to spend a holiday than by enjoying delectable cuisine at some of the most picturesque destinations in the world? That’s exactly what cruise holidays offer, although they might not be the first things that spring to mind when planning for your next break abroad. Both on and off ship however, cruise holidays have a growing reputation for welcoming foodies around the globe to a world of gourmet paradise.

Dining on board

Depending on the size of your ship, you’ll find a wealth of culinary options on board that cater to practically every taste. Buffet restaurants are common features on the vast majority of vessels these days, while gourmet and speciality restaurants, pizza joints, ice cream parlours and American diners are also available across a number of cruise lines.

Ports and excursions

Of course, only once you drop anchor at your destination of choice will you be able to discover the local flavours in all their glory. Cruises typically travel to a range of locations in one journey, so you’re likely to have the chance to experiences a wide range of cuisines during your trip. Here are just a few of the most popular cruise itineraries for food lovers to get you started.

The Mediterranean

Mediterranean cruises offer a wonderful variety of cuisines, from traditional Greek and Turkish dishes in the east to the flavours of Spain and Italy in the west. Some itineraries take in specific pockets of the Med, while others explore this corner of the world in its entirety. Culinary highlights include Croatia’s world-famous goulash and pizza served just as it should be in Rome.


Alaska might not be the first destination that springs to mind when you think of iconic cuisine, but cruises here will introduce you to some delicacies that even the most seasoned foodie might not have sampled before. Alaska’s speciality is, of course, fish – with smoked salmon, fresh king crab and black cod taking their place on most of the menus. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, there’s always the option to sample the infamous reindeer dog while you’re at it too.


It’s not so much the food that takes centre stage during cruises to Australia – it’s the wine instead. Australian wine is among the finest in the world, while many voyages here make a point of featuring excursions to local vineyards. You’ll find that many cruise lines offer a great selection of wines back on board too, making cruise holidays the ultimate wine lovers retreat.

South America

Brazil, Chile and Argentina are just a few South American countries that welcome cruise ships to their ports each and every year. Soups and ganache packed with rich flavour are the norm here, while potatoes provide the base for many local dishes. If you happen to drop anchor in Brazil, be sure to sample the country’s national dish – Feijoada – a popular black bean and meat stew.

You’ll find that many cruise lines take your destination into consideration when planning their menus, so make sure you read up on what’s available before you sail. Whether dining on or off the ship, cruises have the potential to open the door to a new and exciting world of cuisine.

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