How to taste the best food while traveling?

July 21, 2020

We all love to travel, to explore the world and gratify our souls with diverse cultural experiences. Not to forget, food is one of the most important parts of it. Different regions of the globe have so many different flavors to offer that you can never think of. Believe it or not, at times food can also create issues in your travel plans. Nevertheless, you need to research and get the best for yourself.

Research and Research! In today’s world, everything is connected and can be operated with just a click of a button. You can do extensive research on Google and know about the different dishes of the globe. The cuisines vary from country to country. Some of the destinations keep very simple, whereas others offer a lavish spread. There will always be something really exciting to try. The possibilities of tasting different dishes while traveling is endless.

Eat your Way All Around the World 

Travel and food go together like soy and ginger or lemon and thyme- the moment you plan your desired holiday destination. For many, the main criterion is: ‘Travel is what we eat’. It is an opportunity to explore exhilarating new flavors and regional specialties with wine sipping under the stars. Tasting new cuisines is the main reason why many travelers love discovering the different parts of the globe. Nevertheless, it is not that easy to have appropriate dining while traveling. The secret behind this is to act more like a local and less like a tourist.

Your first creamy taste of a flawlessly Parisian croissant, rich Italian hot chocolate, or delicious Indian desserts definitely lasts for a long time and for good reason. You just need to venture out (check out Travelstart) by being a local of the country and not a tourist. Always take suggestions from friends who have been to that place about the eateries or just click a button and get every detail within few seconds.

FOOD- The Best Part about Traveling

We all take out time from our work and plan a preferred destination. We book flights and search for best possible accommodation as per our budget. Now what is left? It is FOOD! After this, we search for the new flavors, experience, and tastes of that particular country. However, it may not give you full satisfaction, but a sense of deeper appreciation is surely there in you for local food and culture.

You are actually forced to look for local specialties. Consulting your travel desk of the hotel, you get to know more about the place and its food culture. But now, here are few reasons why eating is considered the most important and best part about traveling:

You Taste Foods that you have never had Before: Traveling to some new destination opens your eyes as well as your taste buds. You find out something new that has been missing out since long. For instance, the famous thing to eat in Poland is pierogis, stuffed with vegetables and meat. Exploring new food of a particular place is a good reason to visit that country someday.

You Discover Foods you make at Home in a Different Way: Experiencing new foods in a different country is incredible. The food that you have already tasted before and find a completely new flavor in some other country is amazing. For instance, mozzarella cheese of Italy has a completely new flavor that what you get at the nearest grocery store. Taste and texture is so different that it seems that you have tasted a new foodstuff for the first time.

Food unites People: Experiencing food trails with someone who is a big foodie as you are, is simply awesome. You will have wonderful bonding over new foods that you try and decide what you must try next. In this way, you get to meet new people of different nations. A conversation with a stranger over a cup of coffee or some dessert seems to be a good idea.

You Get Home New Flavors and Dishes: When you visit some different country, you bring back home lovely experiences of new flavors and dishes. Then you wish to try it in your kitchen. The taste may not be the same that you tried, but you can say, ‘Yes I had this there and it’s yummy.’ For example, if you tried pasta in Rome, then you try your level best to get the same taste of it.

Enjoying scrumptious food during your travel not only opens up your mind but also your stomach. Adjusting to unusual tastes and flavors is not everybody’s cup of tea, so must go beyond the comfort zone. You may be unfamiliar with the food items but you must definitely give a try. Order a meal of your choice and consider the above-mentioned points.

Last but not the least, while traveling we keep budget also into consideration. We concentrate on the budget and spend accordingly. Though, while traveling we come out of our comfort zone, but still search something (restaurant for local cuisines) which is pocket friendly and has something good to offer.

This article is written by Ashly Jacob, senior editor in, a leading holiday & travel portal in Dubai, UAE.

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