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National Nature Reserves in Ukraine

May 23, 2017

Recently, Ukraine began to open its door to the tourists from various countries of the world. Actually, the door was not closed, but Ukraine was not very popular among the travelers. However, this country has a lot to offer for a sophisticated visitor. If you follow to, you will find many interesting articles about cuisine, fashion, sports, traveling and various attractions that can be seen in the country located in the heart of Europe.

This article is dedicated to one of the main treasures of Ukraine. Being the second largest state in Europe, Ukraine hosts a number of nature reserves with splendid landscapes and beautiful animals. If interested, look at the most famous nature reserves located on the territory of Ukraine.

Bugski Gard National Natural Park

This national park is located in the Mykolaiv region on the banks of the Southern Bug River. Its length is several dozen kilometers of canyons and rocks inhabited by unique plants and animals. The park starts from the Myhia village, which is known for its cataracts on the Southern Bug River. This place is annually visited by numerous fans of rafting.

Another prominent place of ugsBki Gard is the Aktove Canyon. Some people even compare it with the famous Grand Canyon in the USA. In fact, you will not find special similarity, but the place is worth seeing anyway. Aktove Canyon is a venue of international competitions in orienteering. It is also popular among the rock climbers.

Askania Nova Biosphere Reserve

This place enters the list of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine. Askania Nova is one of the biggest biosphere reserves throughout Europe. The reserve is located in Kherson region that is in the south of Ukraine. The virgin steppes of this area turned into an open-air museum, where the visitors can observe wild animals in their life environment. The biosphere reserve contains numerous kinds of plants that were delivered here from all over the world. Most of them are endangered. It is hard to believe, but more than 450 species of birds and animals inhabit this natural park. The fauna representatives include flamingos, white and black swans, emus, zebras, parrots, bustards, Scottish ponies, African antelopes, and many other unique animals.

Askania Nova provides safari tours for their guests. It should be noted that the personnel of the biosphere reserve comply with the restriction of number of visitors. For this reason, it is recommended to inform about your visit in advance.

Carpathian National Natural Park

In the very heart of Carpathian mountains, lies the biggest nature reserve of Ukraine. This natural park is the home for hundreds of representatives of fauna and flora. The reserve is popular among travelers in any season of the year. The park covers the territory of several regions of Ukraine.

If you travel alone, you can easily get lost in the variety of trails in the reserve. Hence, it is highly advised to go on hiking escorted by the local guides. Besides, there are many eco-tourism opportunities in the Carpathian Natural Park.

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