Protein World Good or Bad?

May 11, 2017

The Protein World brand is a combination of various diet products including a cleanser, appetite suppressant, fat metabolizer and meal replacement. According to the manufacturer’s claims, these supplements provide numerous health benefits like removing toxins, increasing metabolism and energy, and toning up body. The review of this diet supplement provides a necessary information about ingredients, quality and efficiency of the mentioned products.

The main diet products of the brand are weight loss pills and meal replacement shake. The main ingredients of these supplements contain the extracts of green tea and guarana, sucralose, anhydrous caffeine, yerba mate powder, konjac glucomannan, and choline.

The extracts of green tea and guarana provide antioxidants and stimulants to the body. These ingredients are claimed to increase metabolism, raise energy and burn fat. Unfortunately, many studies showed insecurity of these components. Thus, high contents of green tea extract can trigger headaches, anxiety, insomnia, mood swings, tremors, jitters, rapid heart, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. The same situation is observed with guarana extract. Both of these extracts contain caffeine, theophylline and theobromine, which are the strong stimulants. They are effective in weight management but only in short time perspective.

The other flaw of Protein World is the content of sucralose. This artificial sweetener provides high sugar supply and is potentially unsafe to your body.

In short, this diet supplement is filled with stimulants, which are hazardous for health. Except for caffeine, none of the ingredients promotes losing weight. Besides, the manufacturer does not indicate the amount of stimulants added, which is especially important for consumption of caffeine.

The package of Protein World diet products costs $102 and includes fat burner, MR shake, and appetite suppressant. Most of the same ingredients are added to other diet products of the brand. However, there are the exceptions such as whey protein concentrate, which is the component of the MR shake. It is a qualitative protein source. In general, the price is overestimated, because the majority of ingredients are not exclusive or expensive. Besides, there are many stimulants, which can be the source of unwanted effects.

Most of the feedbacks on Protein World are negative. People complain about side effects, which are likely caused by pills filled with caffeine. However, the meal replacement also has its share of complaints. People note that the MR shake is too sweet and has an artificial taste. In addition, no craving suppression was observed.

As a result, it can be stated that Protein World is not effective diet product. The manufacturer makes a lot of claims of benefits, however, all they are false. The consumers’ opinions are mostly negative including complains on the lack of efficiency in both losing weight and appetite suppression, as well as numerous unwanted symptoms caused by cheap ingredients and stimulants. So, is Protein World good or bad? Take into account the above and make your decision.

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