Natural Alternatives to Arbonne

May 7, 2017

This meal replacement shake is designed for vegans. The product contains only plant based ingredients. A total number of 40 ingredients includes various herbs and minerals, such as Alfalfa Leaf Powder, Xanthan Gum, Potassium Citrate etc.

A serving of Arbonne Shake supplies 160 calories. Thirty of these calories come from fat. Such energy value is more than the average caloric content of most MR products. It is good to substitute a full meal, but requires more effort in the gym to burn these calories.

The protein of Arbonne Shake comes from three sources: cranberry protein, rice protein and pea protein isolate. Since the product is designed to meet vegans’ requirements, the quality of protein is lower than whey or dairy sources. Besides, the amount of amino acids in plant protein is lower than in other sources. For this reason, do not be under illusion that 20g of protein in each serving is a great value.

A package for 30 servings of the shake is available for $69.99. Taking into account the advised daily dosage of the shake of 2 servings, the cost of the product increases twofold.

The natural alternatives to Arbonne are introduced below.

Vega One

This protein shake also contains plant protein. The protein sources include pea protein, sancha inchi and hemp protein. Such protein-containing ingredients as organic acacia gum and chlorella vulgaris are also added. However, the quality of protein is not high, because it lacks essential amino acids. Vega One shake contains no artificial sweeteners. Instead of them, a glycemic alternative sweetener called stevia is used. In general, the product contains many organic ingredients.

The price of Vega One is the main issue of this product. You will pay $69.99 for a package of 20 servings. Each servings supplies 20g of protein. It should be taken into account that the protein quality differs from the dairy source of protein. In addition, plant protein is not good in taste, which is the main complain of the customers.

18 Shake

This is another product made of natural components. Unlike two previous MR shakes, 18 Shake provides dairy protein of really high quality. The whey source of protein contains the necessary amino acids that are essential for various processes in the body.

The shake supplies 15g of protein and 90 calories. Despite the relatively low caloric content, it is enough to keep a consumer full for 3-4 hours according to the customers’ feedbacks.

This absolutely natural MR product costs $59.99 and multiple purchases are available at discount.

Isagenix Isalean

The MR shake by Isagenix Company offers a lot of protein (24g) and calories (240). Considering such amounts of essential components, the shake is hardly effective in weight management. Besides, the sugar amount is also alarming (11g).

The quality of ingredients is at average level. The protein is a mixture of different sources. Nevertheless, there is no soy-based protein.

A standard package of Isalean Shake is available for $51.95 and meant for 14 servings. This issue along with complaints about the taste are the main sources of the customers’ dissatisfaction.

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