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The Latest Exciting New Food Gadgets

May 4, 2017

The way food is prepared and served has continued to change with time. Various new gadgets are being discovered to make the work around the kitchen easier and presentable. Some of them are unbelievably cheap and go a long way in speeding up the way food is prepared and served. You can keep up to date with how companies such as these are doing on the stock market with websites like CMC Markets.

Super Marts Melon Scoop

This gadget comes in handy for the melon-lovers as it eases the separation of the fruit from the skin. The gadget is easy to use to both kids and adults. Apart from separating the skin from the fruit, it can use to be used to separate the seeds from the fruit as well. At a price of $8 only, you can get this food gadget and avoid the work of eating melons on their skins with seeds.

Smart Planet Bacon Nation Bacon Master

For $30 you can get the Bacon Master which is an upright griddle cooker which let you prepare your bacon evenly without the need of turning it. This gadget allows fat to drain off for a healthier meal option and can be stored for used for later meal preparation.

One Click Butter Cutter

The butter cutter is used to make pats which are perfectly shaped for an even melt and spread on your bread. This gadget can also be used during cooking to make even portions of just the right amount. This gadget is useful in the kitchen considering its cheap price of $16 only.

Tour de Pizza Bicycle Pizza Cutter

The pizza cutter gadget comes in a small bicycle design which is made of stainless steel. The blade which takes the form of a bicycle wheel is strong enough to cut through any pizza thickness. This gadget comes in its own storage rack for storing the bike as it’s amazingly cute. The gadget retails at only $20.

GenTen New One-Step Corn Kerneler

Cutting the kernels off the cob is a tedious and sometimes can leave you all messy if not done with care. The children are met with the challenge of feeding on boiled maize while still intact on their cobs. This gadget comes in handy to help in removing the grains from the cob and storing them in a container attached to it. This ensures that your workplace is neat and the grains do not fall off to the floor.

T-Rex Spaghetti Measuring Tool

Many people are met with the challenging of determining the amount of food which is just enough for one meal so as to avoid wastage. This gadget helps in measuring the amou8nt of spaghetti which is just enough for a kid, an adult, or a dinosaur, which is a meal of three to four adults. The shapes on the gadgets will help in helping you measure the right amount of spaghetti to be cooked for one meal.

Ben and Jerry’s Pint Lock

At sometimes, it becomes important to secure your food, especially when you live in the same room with friends who feed on your food or children who open jars and litter the food around the house. This locking gadget helps you secure your food by ensuring that you are the only person who has access to the food stored in the jar. For a price of $15, you can save a considerable amount of money for buying food that has been misused by others.

The Robot Nutcracker

Cracking nuts is one of the hardest and tiring works, especially for children who do not have the strength for the task. The nutcracker robot gadget makes the work easy and can be used to crack any type or amount of nuts for use in the kitchen or for raw consumption. Let the name fool you, this small gadget can be acquired for $29 only.

Takara Tomy Rapid Drink Cooler

What’s cooler than carrying your fridge around during the hot season? This battery powered portable cooler makes sure that you enjoy your chilled drinks regardless of the high temperatures. The gadget chills the drinks lightning-fast by putting some ice in it. The gadget uses rechargeable batteries, making it an essential gadget for hiking as it can be charged using the car charging system on the dashboard. It comes at an amazingly cheap price of $37.

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