How to Have a Great Date with a Food Lover

April 28, 2017

A date in a restaurant is an ideal date for the beautiful half of humanity. And for a girl who likes to eat it is just perfect. So, if your girlfriend is a food lover, then it’s even easier for you because you don’t have to think where to invite her. You just have to choose the place where you can eat.

  1. Coffeehouse

Perhaps, it is one of the most suitable places for a date. There she can order a cup of coffee or tea, and some dessert – a cake or an ice cream. In addition, such a place is very romantic.

  1. Restaurant

It is better for you to choose a familiar restaurant with a familiar menu. There she can order different dishes. Most likely she will order a salad, fish or meat and a side dish to it. You should order a bottle of wine or any other alcohol beverage. This will help relax and defuse the situation.

  1. Fast food

This is one of the best places where you can eat cheap food. Hamburgers, cheeseburgers, French fries, Coca-Cola – all of it is so harmful, but so loved by almost all the girls. But if you look for Russian girls for marriage, it is better not to invite them in such places. It is unlikely that you will be able to impress them by hamburgers, even if they love it so much. These girls want you to invite them to a more romantic place.

  1. Sushi restaurant

This can definitely be called one of the favorite places for girls. A Peking duck, different rolls and sushi, rice with seafood, noodles and this is not the whole list of what your girl can order there.

How to behave

Before you invite her to a restaurant or any other place from the list above, learn the rules of etiquette by heart: who should go first, how to behave in a restaurant and who should pay for a nice evening.

Young happy couple celebrating with champagne at picnic

Open a door for her

If you are a real man and you are going to somewhere with a woman, then you have to know that a woman should go ahead of you. It must be anytime and anywhere, not only on the way to a restaurant.

You have to open a door for a woman for she goes into a place first. But then you have to be ahead of her. What for? By the rules of etiquette, you have to enter the hall first. Doing so you protect your girlfriend from unexpected collisions and you get a real opportunity to warn her about some steps or a threshold. Remember that she is no longer just a woman beyond a threshold, she is a lady. Don’t forget to give her hand and hold a door.

Choose a table

There may be a head waiter at an entrance of an elite restaurant, who has to meet you and follow to a table with you. He or she will offer you a free or an ordered table.

In an ordinary restaurant, you simply will be asked to choose a table by yourself. Remember that choosing of a table is your privilege. Don’t shift this process to woman’s shoulders, but listen to her opinion.

Treat your girl

When a table is chosen, then pull out a chair and ask a lady to sit down. It is preferable that you let a woman sit in the most comfortable place, for example near the wall or in the middle of the hall. Sitting there she can see the greater part of the hall. And don’t offer her to sit in the aisle in any case. It is better if you sit on the left of your lady or in front of her.

At the end of a date

Here everything repeats: open a door for her, let her go ahead, and show her a way to the lobby.

Leaving a restaurant, give your lady a fur coat or any other outerwear and only then you can put on your coat. But some sources recommend do it in the opposite way. In any case, you simply have to help her put on a coat. And don’t wait until a cloakroom attendant offers to do this. You will feel uncomfortable in such a situation. And you can wear a hat and gloves only on the street.

Finally, leaving a restaurant you have to let a woman go ahead.

Who pays

If you invite a girl to a cafe, then you have to pay for her. A man must be a support, and a strong shoulder, and in financial terms as well. If you have some relations, a woman always wants to realize that next to her a man who can solve any problems.

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