Three Places to Visit for the Most Memorable Dining in Tokyo

February 16, 2017

Whether or not you are visiting Tokyo for business or pleasure, there simply is no excuse for missing out on the finest, authentic Japanese cuisine. The sprawling megalopolis has earned its spot in the culinary spotlight by its varied, and sometimes eccentric, dining culture. At its heart is a centuries-long devotion to craft and precision. Here are three must visit locations for your next visit.

Fu-unji in Shibuya is the go to place for Tsukemen. In Tokyo the best dining experiences are found in the tiniest establishments, such as Fu-unji, where dining truly is an intimate, personal affair. What sets Fu-unji apart is the rich quality of the Tsukemen, a chicken-based broth. The soup has remarkable complexity and heft, and the creamy broth clings evenly to each noodle. The noodles are chewier than typical ramen, so they are more than substantial enough to withstand the most potent soup.

The best Tendon is to be found at Masaru in Asakusa, hands-down. Masaru has been perfecting its craft for over 50 years. Each morning, the chef selects the finest locally-caught fish from the Tsukiji Market. The standards are so high at Masaru that if the mornings catch doesn’t meet expectations, the shop will remain closed for the day.

Visit on a day when it is open, and Masaru will serve you up the most perfect Edomae Tendon you’ll ever taste. Each chunk of seafood is battered and cooked in sesame oil until golden brown with a tender center. The rice is dampened with soy sauce, and the soup is a complex blending of rich, smoky, and nutty flavors, turning an ordinary meal into a meditation on craft. Perfection!

At the end of the day, having sampled some of the finest culinary choices in Tokyo, you’ll want to experience for yourself why Tokyo has become known as having the best cocktail bars in the world.

Bar Ben Fiddich in Shinjuki provides an experienced unmatched by any. What distinguishes it from the others is the vast collection of absinthe bottles, some nearly 100 years old. Served from a traditional absinthe fountain, cocktails are made using hand-selected spices ground into a powder with mortar and pestle to achieve the highest quality of flavor.

There are many such hidden gems in Tokyo if you take the time to find them. When you’ve had the opportunity to sample various locations, some will begin to stand out above the others for producing the tastiest dishes and most memorable experiences. In time you’ll have your own “go-to” list of the finest eating in Tokyo.

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