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Caribbean and Culinary Together?

February 16, 2017

Let’s be honest. When most people go on a Caribbean vacation, they don’t have good gastronomy in mind. Generally we go for the climate and the beaches, and perhaps the activities, maybe even the culture. But the food often is way down on the list of priorities.

But what if you’re a foodie AND a beachie, or what if you’re just a foodie and not much of a beachie, and you’re tagging along for the ride, say with family or such? Here you are, definitely appreciating one of your luxury Caribbean vacations, but you don’t want to eat the mediocre stuff everyone else around you for some reason doesn’t have a problem with. What can you do to save your palate from this particular purgatory? Here are some simple suggestions.

Go With Your Instinct

This is mentioned because often we get paranoid when we’re on vacation, worried maybe a little too much about sanitary issues and the like. If you’re passing by one of those roadside stands and feel called by it, don’t hesitate. Check it out obviously and make sure everything is copacetic, but don’t get overly cautious. Some of the best food is to be found in those kind of random out of the way places. So don’t be overly afraid to sample what could maybe even be a life-changer.

-Go Into Town

This is another big one, and it goes beyond even the topic of food. This is why all-inclusives are really a double-edged sword. They win for convenience, but not always for quality, and they severely limit your vacation experience. And really, most of the Caribbean is safe enough where you shouldn’t have to limit yourself to some little patch of private property in order to feel safe. There are some exceptions, such as the interior of Puerto Rico, but in general, and especially in the Minor Antilles, you would do well do walk around get some sun and get to know the local culture, and what better place to start than through the food?

-Insist on Going For Local

The Caribbean has a lot of incredible cultural traditions, among them the many amazing styles of cooking. Keep in mind that they do their own thing extremely well, but in general they are not so good at cuisines from other countries. If, for example, dining at some local French or Italian restaurant is suggested, shoot it down immediately. Point out that it’s just going to be a disappointment because it’s almost guaranteed that the French or Italian etc. is going to be better where you actually live. Not to mention, the idea of travelling is to gain new experiences. Try to eat whatever you normally wouldn’t. Some of you may need to break out of your own little psychological box to do this. Do it.

Hopefully with these three simple and easy to remember tips, your next Caribbean vacation will have a huge culinary upgrade. Feel free to write to us and tell us all about your Caribbean food experiences, hopefully positive ones!

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