The Perfect Drinks and Aphrodisiacs for Getting the Most Out of Your Date

December 5, 2017

Whether you’re going out on a date with the town virgin, taking that real nice and nasty girl out for a night on the town, or trying to hook up with a cheating wife, it’s very important to know your food and drink. Part of what will make the date a success depends on you ordering the right things to keep the focus on the sex that hopefully both of you desire, openly or in secret, or maybe a little bit of both.

Foods To Consider:


Oysters: this one is definitely at the top of the list, and is a famous aphrodisiac world over. The only caveat is that a lot of people can’t stand the taste or texture of oysters. A possible workaround is to order them in a presentation where you can’t taste the oyster flavor and they are cooked thoroughly. Oysters Rockefeller or something similar is perfect for this. Also, if there are no oysters, most other seafood works almost as well. Conch meat is famous as an aphrodisiac as well, and many consider it to be at the level of oysters even.


Chocolate: this is a biggie, and no woman in her right mind doesn’t like chocolate. Ok, some women may in fact not like it, but they’d be very few and far between; I’ve yet to meet the first woman that didn’t love chocolate. Include chocolate in your dessert on any sexy date as a must!


Watermelon: watermelons are another food that helps stimulate the sex drive, due to the high amounts of lycopene in it. This substances helps improve blood flow, which is the first step towards getting highly aroused and in the mood to take things further.


Drinks To Consider:


Coffee- this one tops the list because it’s a stimulant and helps improve blood flow to the whole body. Studies have suggested strongly that this delicious substance can often help women get in the mood for sex in a subtle but powerful way.


Brandy Alexander: the secret to this little baby is that nutmeg is one of the ingredients, and nutmeg is another known powerful aphrodisiac.


Casino Royale- some people swear this is the ultimate aphrodisiac drink, perhaps because it contains egg yolk, which is a known testosterone booster in both men and women. Yes , testosterone makes women excited too!


Do you have any other suggestions for foods and drinks that help take things to the next level? Leave us a comment below!

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