Beijing’s Food Scene Is Growing Up

March 13, 2017

As late as even several years ago, if you asked any real foodie about where to eat in Beijing, they’d look grim and maybe make a few half hearted suggestions, or maybe even just tell you to get on a plane and go to Hong Kong or Shanghai.

But this is 2017 and the world is a rapidly changing pace. Beijing has recently really started to come into its own as far as fine dining and good gastronomy is concerned. You no longer have to look so hard to find good offerings in tons of different international styles. Here are some of Beijings best offerings, in various styles and at many different price points.

Out of the many styles of Chinese cooking, imperial cuisine is perhaps the most overlooked and underrated. With that in mind, we would like to point you to Tiandi Yijia, where imperial cuisine fuses with select contemporary techniques to produce something truly spectacular. Found in the restaurant district right next to the Forbidden City, this place is not cheap, but it’s worth every last RMB you will spend.

The south of China is famous for its dim sum, among many other things, and Beijing is not short of offerings in this area. Our favorite over here is the famous La Garden, which is highly recommended for its crystal dumplings and egg custards. This place can get crowded, so go there early.

Haidilao is a Sichuan restaurant, serving what many people consider to actually be the most underrated regional cuisine in China, and certainly one of the top exported cuisines. Haidilao is famous for its exquisite bubbly hotpots. Love of spicy food is recommended for the full experience here.

For Japanese fare, especially sushi and sashimi of course, there is Hatsune, with its expertly cut and prepared offerings. Vietnamese food at its absolute best can be easily found at the very chic Susu. And now, there is a delicious little part of Italy that has located itself in a remote little alleyway far away from any of the traditional restaurant districts. Check out Mercante, which serves up simple but absolutely top-notch pastas and ragus etc.

So now, as you are cruising around town in your Blacklane, be sure to stop and check out some of Beijings newest and best culinary offerings. Your palate will thank you for it. Bon appetite everybody!

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