Cooking in the Middle of the Great Outdoors

May 31, 2017

Camping is an activity that many foodies avoid, because they are afraid that they are going to be eating like slobs during the whole trip. While this has been known to happen, it is NOT a necessary part of a camping trip. Forget hard boiled eggs and horribly cooked baked beans and iffy trail mixes;

The fact is that outdoor cooking, even on a portable cooker or similar, is one of the best ways to cook food, and if you have something nice like a BioLite stove, camping cooking can be even better in many ways than traditional cooking even in a highly endowed industrial kitchen.


Stoves and Burners  that are good for camping are plentiful in today’s market. You can start with something basic and functional (but high quality) like a nice little Highlander Portable Cooker, which performs perfectly in just about any natural setting powered with a butane gas cartridge. Those who doe not want to carry much might opt for the BioLite CookStove instead. However, the BioLite CookStove works after being charged. It doesn’t need any other fuel than the wood you can find around, but it needs to be charged beforehand to provide 30 hours of extremely efficient wood cooking.

But if you really want to be awesome and have an amazing camping experience, go all out and get yourself a BioLite BaseCamp. it combines eco-friendliness and convenience being able to use wood for energy with an amazing degree of efficiency and temperature control.


Actually, you may wind up buying a BaseCamp for camping and wind up using it regularly in your backyard for great outdoor cooking all the time as it creates energy while burning wood. BaseCamp cooks and creates energy at the same time and is big enough to offer cooking solution for groups.


The real genius of the BioLite technology lies in the fact that you can convert biomass not only to heat but also to electrical energy, so your fire can also power your music, your phones, cameras, whatever else you need to be powered. And the BaseCamp comes with a light on a gooseneck, so you’ll never bump into it no matter how dark the night is!


Another thing definitely worth mentioning is that this technology is incredibly efficient. The added 17 pounds and change to your backpack will be more than made up for when you go looking for decent wood for a fire and need a lot less of it. BioLite systems can boil a liter of water with as little as 46 grams of wood, for example.


So next time someone want to plan a camping trip, instead of saying you’re not interested, bring the appropriate equipment along and have a foodie experience and a camping experience all in one!

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