Sample the 5 Best Waterfront Restaurants on the Amalfi Coast

June 2, 2017

In a country full of spectacular stretches of coast, Italy’s Amalfi Coast manages to stand out with its multitude of hues and picture postcard scenery. Indeed, the views are so perfect that they seem to have been lifted from a glossy magazine to represent the ultimate luxury Mediterranean yacht charter. However, the dramatic coastline is real; from the beautiful fishing villages that dot cliffs and inlets to the glamorous resort town of Positano, some of Italy’s finest restaurants grace the shores of the Amalfi Coast. While you are on your Amalfi Coast yacht charter make sure you stop off at these top-class waterfront restaurants and sample sublime cuisine as you soak up the atmosphere and views.

  1.  Quattro Passi, Nerano

If you’re looking for expertly crafted dishes that exude authenticity, look no further than the Quattro Passi Ristorante. This sophisticated restaurant has justifiably earned itself two Michelin stars for its Campania specialities, of which the burrata (cheese made from mozzarella and cream) is a highlight. The pasta is melt-in-your-mouth delicious and comes with fresh sauces, garnishes and flavourful cheeses like the smoky Provola. The hospitable staff can undoubtedly find you the right wine to pair with your Campania cuisine since they have a cellar with several thousand bottles of vintage. Ask for a tour of their spectacular underground wine cellar to see for yourself. Not only is the food dreamy, but the setting of Quattro Passi is equally as magical. It overlooks the Bay of Nerano and offers alfresco dining when the weather permits – which it often does in this sunny location.

  1. Chez Black, Positano

Chez Black is a local institution and the place to come if you want to people-watch, particularly if those people are celebrities. The walls are covered in photos of famous faces who have stopped by to sample the mouth-watering seafood dishes and wine selection. Denzel Washington is a regular customer among the numerous famous Italians who are lucky enough to have a meal here. Chez Black’s specialties include zuppa di pesce (fish soup) and spaghetti con ricci di mare (spaghetti with sea urchins), but the pizza is also superb. The restaurant is based on a nautical theme, built in wood in the shape of a boat. This is the place to come to see and be seen, but fortunately, the flavourful food and views alone are worth a visit.

  1. Don Alfonso 1890, Sant’Agata

A heady combination of luxury, local warmth and exceptionally high-quality cuisine distinguishes the two-Michelin star Don Alfonso 1890 as a very special restaurant. The forty-year-old business is run by the Laccarino family, who respect the traditional recipes of the Sorrento peninsula and put their own unique twist on it at their boutique hotel restaurant. From pistachio-stuffed guinea fowl to pumpkin gnocchi, everything is sublime. If you try the chef’s tasting menu you’ll experience all the wonderful flavours on offer including an array of desserts. The ingredients originate at the family’s organic farm on the coast and the cavernous wine cellar is a masterpiece which dates back to antiquity. Fortunately, the restaurant shares its culinary knowledge and offers Mediterranean cooking courses and catering consultations.

  1. Maria Grazia, Nerano

Perched on the Amalfi Coast, the sublime sea views from the beachside Ristorante Maria Grazia are heavenly. The traditional food will bring you down to earth as you indulge in the wonderful local flavours. This restaurant also has a place in the region’s culinary lore as the birthplace of the legendary pasta made of spaghetti and fried courgette. The dish was apparently invented in 1952 by Maria Grazia, the grandmother of the current owners. The recipe has become known as “Spaghetti alla Nerano” to distinguish it from any other spaghetti and courgette creations. Besides their most famous speciality, the restaurant offers a variety of delicious fresh fish dishes and the ever-popular Prosecco with fruit. The restaurant offers a shuttle taxi boat for those who moor their yachts nearby.

  1. Il Riccio, Capri

Conspicuous by its distinctive blue chairs and stunning beachside setting by Capri’s famous Blue Grotto, Il Riccio is where the beautiful people come to see and be seen, all while eating cuisine of the finest quality. The food is deceptively simple and sticks to the staples of seafood, pasta and Campanian wine, but does it well since it has earned the Beach Club a Michelin Star. The only thing bluer than the furniture is the sea which is of the deepest azure and almost blurs with the cloudless horizon at times. The interior was designed by the highly renowned designer Marco de Luca who decked the place out in billowing white drapes that lead to a terrace perched above the Tyrolean Sea with possibly the best sea view in Italy. Don’t forget to bring your swimming gear as there are sun loungers for those who can’t resist taking a dip in the scenery.

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