Healthy Snack Foods for Eating at the Computer

July 24, 2018

When you are busy it can be hard to know what to eat. This is especially true if you are busy working at the computer and need to eat. Some foods are great for snacking on when you’re on the go, but these can often be unhealthy and if you get bored of sandwiches, you might want to consider other options. Check out these other ideas for handy foods that are easy to eat on the move and can also benefit your health.

There are many times when you need to grab something to eat and don’t have the convenience of a table. For example, when you’re at work and need to eat something while sitting at your computer or when out shopping with no table to hand. It can also be handy to eat a quick snack when busy at home, such as using the computer to play your favourite video games, or searching for the latest casino and bingo offers.

Finger Foods

Foods for snacking on the move include finger foods, such as crisps, biscuits and of course the usual sandwiches. But there are many other options for snack foods which can be healthier, including wraps, crackers, cheese, olives, fruit, plain popcorn, slices of apple, carrot sticks, and bread and hummus. All of these can be eaten with just a fork or even your fingers using one hand.

Muesli and Berries

For something more interesting, try a bowl of muesli with some berries, dried fruit and a handful of nuts added for extra taste and health benefits, such as important vitamins and minerals. You can use this opportunity to try to make your recommended 5 portions of fruit a day. If you have the time to pre-prepare your meal for a long gaming session or other desk-based activity, you have more options.

Pitta Bread Snacks

Some great ideas for preparing useful foods include cutting pitta bread into small squares and baking them in the oven for ten minutes to crisp them up. This makes them easier to eat with one hand and also dries out the grease, so they will be cleaner for eating at the computer. You can then add a topping of your choice, such as cheese, guacamole, spread or hummus.

Frozen Fruit

Another great choice is a bowl of mixed nuts and dried fruit, along with a few chunks of dark chocolate for added taste. Another fantastic option for snack food while at the computer includes a frozen fruit bowl. Choose grapes, strawberries and blueberries, which can all be frozen for extra interest and coolness in every bite. Simply freeze the fruit pieces an hour before your computer session and serve them in a bowl for a clean and hassle-free snack that is super healthy.

All of these options give you something tasty and healthy to eat while you are busy at the computer, whether you are working, online shopping, writing emails or playing games. By having a healthy snack food close at hand you can keep hunger pangs at bay, which will help your concentration levels and performance.

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