Four Food Tips That Are Perfect for an RV Trip in Arkansas

August 20, 2020

If you’re ready to start planning your next vacation, consider taking an RV trip in Arkansas! The average rental RV price in Arkansas is just $154.17 per night. You can even rent an RV for as little as $65 per night!

Why choose an RV for your next vacation? Besides the wonderful memories you will make, it’s a great way to save money, especially when it comes to food.

You just have to understand that cooking in an RV is a lot different than cooking at home.

Here are four food tips that go beyond recipes to make sure everyone stays full and happy while you’re on the road.

Stay out of the Kitchen

At home, all the cooking takes place in the kitchen. Even if you use a grill outside, chances are, all the prep work is done inside.

That’s not usually the best idea when you’re traveling in an RV, especially in the summer. The kitchen can get hot fast, and all that heat can fill the RV.

Instead, stay out of the kitchen when the weather is warm. Use the fire outside to cook food and do all your assembling on a picnic table.

Make New Memories with Help from Old Memories

Trying to figure out what to make when you’re on the road? There are plenty of fancy recipe ideas out there, but some of the best ideas come from your memories.

What did you love cooking when you went camping as a kid? Chances are hot dogs and smores top the list. Why not plan to cook them with your own kids while you’re in the RV!

An RV vacation is the perfect time to resurrect old family recipes too. From potato salad to foil packets, you can’t go wrong with family-favorites.

Prep Before You Leave

Don’t spend all your time prepping food when you should be having fun with your family! Instead, prep food in your kitchen before you leave. That includes:

  • Cutting fruits and vegetables
  • Bake treats, like cookies and pies
  • Mix up salads
  • Get overnight oats ready for breakfast

If you want to keep the RV-clutter free, you may want to consider premeasuring everything as well. That way, you don’t have to bring along measuring cups and spoons. Plus, you’ll save time later!

Keep Things Cold

There’s nothing like a good campfire meal, but in the summer heat, you may find that cold, no-cook meals are the way to go. They’re easy to make too, so you can make them ahead of time or mix them up when you’re on the road.

Salad and sandwiches are popular, but don’t forget about cold soups, hummus, and mayonnaise-based salads. A good RV refrigerator helps with this immensely, of course.

It can get hot in Arkansas, but that doesn’t mean you have to feel the heat in the kitchen! When you’re ready to hit the road in an RV, follow these food tips and you’ll keep everyone happy and full without compromising your own happiness in the process.


The Uses of Synthetic Diamonds

August 13, 2020

The Applications of Synthetic Diamonds

Natural diamonds are formed from geological processes which take thousands of years. Synthetic diamonds, on the other hand, are created using artificial processes in just a matter of weeks inside a laboratory. prides itself on making superior-quality synthetic diamonds using state-of-art technology.

Synthetic or man-made diamonds are also called CVD diamonds or HPHT diamonds after their production methods, that is chemical vapor deposition methods and high-pressure high-temperature respectively.

The Properties of Synthetic Diamonds

Synthetic diamonds have many unique characteristics which include:

  • Extreme thermal conductivity
  • The hardest known substance
  • Chemically inert
  • Exceptional electrical insulators
  • Sonic velocity is low
  • High resistance to wear
  • Thermal expansion is extremely low
  • Biologically compatible
  • Optically transparent

Diamonds, because of their stability, thermal conductivity, hardness, and the aforementioned properties have many applications in the world of modern technology.

Some of their uses are:

Radiation Detection

Diamonds have a broad band gap and are radiation hard. These hard gems also have a density that’s similar to those of soft tissues. These qualities make it possible for them to be excellent devices for detecting radiation.


Since diamonds are inert in nature, they can be used as electrodes. Synthetic diamonds also have the ability to detect redox reactions. In some cases, diamonds can degrade organic contaminants as a result of redox reactions in water supplies.

Machining Tools

PCD (PC diamonds) are used in different types of machining tools. Diamonds bits which are micron-sized are inserted in a metal, usually cobalt, matrix, making it harder. PCD tools are used in machining aluminum for the automotive industry. PCD drills are also used in oil and gas drilling.

Acoustic Electronic Equipment

Acoustic-electronic equipment based on synthetic diamonds have electromagnetic oscillations which activate the hyper sound of acoustic vibrations with frequencies ranging from 1-2 GHz. This is a major improvement compared to the analogous system whose frequencies were restricted to only 10 GHz.

Dental Applications

Developing synthetic diamond ultrasonic drill tips used in dental surgery.


Optical settings are now using CVD diamonds. These diamonds are 20 times stronger than the Raman laser. This new laser system embedded with CVD diamonds is able to cut through dense steel with an output power of about 400,000 pointers.

Diamond Two-Dimensional Thin Films

The 2-D diamond films are the thinnest film diamonds ever made whose applications are useful in spintronics and the nanoworld.

Thermal Management in the Electronics Industry 

Electronics are now more powerful and smaller. One major challenge that these advanced electronic devices are facing is heat management. The leading cause of electronic failure is heat-related and as such, there is an urgent need for thermal management. The solution? Synthetic diamonds. Diamonds have extraordinary insulating and thermal conductivity properties. This makes synthetic diamonds effective in reducing the thermal resistance in different electronic applications.

Multiple-Use Technology

The thermal conductivity of diamonds is high while their friction coefficient is very low. This makes them suitable for rapid cooling or heating. Depending on the manner in which they are doped, diamonds can be used as semi-conductors as well.


How to taste the best food while traveling?

July 21, 2020

We all love to travel, to explore the world and gratify our souls with diverse cultural experiences. Not to forget, food is one of the most important parts of it. Different regions of the globe have so many different flavors to offer that you can never think of. Believe it or not, at times food can also create issues in your travel plans. Nevertheless, you need to research and get the best for yourself.

Research and Research! In today’s world, everything is connected and can be operated with just a click of a button. You can do extensive research on Google and know about the different dishes of the globe. The cuisines vary from country to country. Some of the destinations keep very simple, whereas others offer a lavish spread. There will always be something really exciting to try. The possibilities of tasting different dishes while traveling is endless.

Eat your Way All Around the World 

Travel and food go together like soy and ginger or lemon and thyme- the moment you plan your desired holiday destination. For many, the main criterion is: ‘Travel is what we eat’. It is an opportunity to explore exhilarating new flavors and regional specialties with wine sipping under the stars. Tasting new cuisines is the main reason why many travelers love discovering the different parts of the globe. Nevertheless, it is not that easy to have appropriate dining while traveling. The secret behind this is to act more like a local and less like a tourist.

Your first creamy taste of a flawlessly Parisian croissant, rich Italian hot chocolate, or delicious Indian desserts definitely lasts for a long time and for good reason. You just need to venture out (check out Travelstart) by being a local of the country and not a tourist. Always take suggestions from friends who have been to that place about the eateries or just click a button and get every detail within few seconds.

FOOD- The Best Part about Traveling

We all take out time from our work and plan a preferred destination. We book flights and search for best possible accommodation as per our budget. Now what is left? It is FOOD! After this, we search for the new flavors, experience, and tastes of that particular country. However, it may not give you full satisfaction, but a sense of deeper appreciation is surely there in you for local food and culture.

You are actually forced to look for local specialties. Consulting your travel desk of the hotel, you get to know more about the place and its food culture. But now, here are few reasons why eating is considered the most important and best part about traveling:

You Taste Foods that you have never had Before: Traveling to some new destination opens your eyes as well as your taste buds. You find out something new that has been missing out since long. For instance, the famous thing to eat in Poland is pierogis, stuffed with vegetables and meat. Exploring new food of a particular place is a good reason to visit that country someday.

You Discover Foods you make at Home in a Different Way: Experiencing new foods in a different country is incredible. The food that you have already tasted before and find a completely new flavor in some other country is amazing. For instance, mozzarella cheese of Italy has a completely new flavor that what you get at the nearest grocery store. Taste and texture is so different that it seems that you have tasted a new foodstuff for the first time.

Food unites People: Experiencing food trails with someone who is a big foodie as you are, is simply awesome. You will have wonderful bonding over new foods that you try and decide what you must try next. In this way, you get to meet new people of different nations. A conversation with a stranger over a cup of coffee or some dessert seems to be a good idea.

You Get Home New Flavors and Dishes: When you visit some different country, you bring back home lovely experiences of new flavors and dishes. Then you wish to try it in your kitchen. The taste may not be the same that you tried, but you can say, ‘Yes I had this there and it’s yummy.’ For example, if you tried pasta in Rome, then you try your level best to get the same taste of it.

Enjoying scrumptious food during your travel not only opens up your mind but also your stomach. Adjusting to unusual tastes and flavors is not everybody’s cup of tea, so must go beyond the comfort zone. You may be unfamiliar with the food items but you must definitely give a try. Order a meal of your choice and consider the above-mentioned points.

Last but not the least, while traveling we keep budget also into consideration. We concentrate on the budget and spend accordingly. Though, while traveling we come out of our comfort zone, but still search something (restaurant for local cuisines) which is pocket friendly and has something good to offer.

This article is written by Ashly Jacob, senior editor in, a leading holiday & travel portal in Dubai, UAE.


6 Superfoods You Want To Eat This Year

June 15, 2020

Do you consume whole grains because the latest nutrition headlines say they prevent cancer? Did you become a vegan or vegetarian to help your heart? Truthfully, the advice changes depending on the latest research and trends.

This all brings up a salient point: are there “good-for-you” food staples that make it onto the weekly grocery list of health experts regardless of headlines or hype about superfoods?

Ryan Hibbert gives you a quick look at what health experts are stashing in their shopping carts. Keep building them into your weekly shopping list, he says, and you’ll stay on the road to good health.


One food you want to eat each week is mushrooms because they have strong anticancer properties and are also a great meat substitute in spaghetti sauce and soups. Mushrooms have an aromatase inhibitor effect, which reduces breast cancer occurrence and recurrence.

Dried plums

Dried plums are high in boron, a mineral that is important for bone structure, and high in polyphenols, plant nutrients that may have anti-inflammatory effects.

Many scientists are also looking at how eating prunes might improve bone mineral density. Furthermore, they’re also nature’s best digestive aid. What could be better?

Mixed Nuts (Unsalted)

To combat the craving for chips, make sure you eat unsalted, mixed nuts on a daily basis. Just 1/4 to 1/2 cup provides a nice dose of heart-healthy fats, some protein, and a decent amount of fiber.


When it comes to nutrition, bananas are an affordable fruit option that taste great, are filling and offer potassium, fiber, vitamin C, B6, and manganese.

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes have significant amounts of healthful nutrients, including antioxidants and minerals, in a package that’s full of long-lasting energy.

Leafy Greens

Romaine’s mild flavor and crunchy texture allow you to dress it up with many varieties of foods – other vegetables, fruits, meats, cheese, nuts, and seeds, to create combinations of savory or sweet dishes, not to mention make a balanced meal.

Furthermore, seasonality allows for better pricing and better quality. You can eat fruit at meals and as snacks, so you should always have one or two bowls in the refrigerator. Consider having salad as an entree or as a part of the meal several times per week, as it is a fantastic way to obtain nutrients and fill up your stomach while keeping calories in check. You can also add carrots, celery, and onion to most meals, both raw and cooked. It’s all just a great way to add flavor, fiber, and antioxidants.


Similarities between Business Trading & Gambling

May 18, 2020


As you can understand from the heading, what is the topic all about. We have noticed and heard from many traders as they are not accepting that there are similarities between trading and gambling. Usually, what happens when we describe it to the traders, and they scratch up their head and answer that there is nothing in common. So here, we are to show how trading and gambling have similarities. We will start by discussing gambling and trading, and below in this article, we have our significant points that will prove the similarities between trading and gambling.

There are many odds in both the business, even that has similarities, and that are the following.

  • In trading, you offer fewer trades, which gives you high possibilities, whereas, in gambling, you chose to play those games which give you an upper edge.
  • In gambling, player is focused on winning while adding as much money as they want. Therefore in trading, the trader understands his situation and makes trades.

Trading Involves Gambling

As we are discussing similarities between trading and gambling, so here, I will discuss the involvement trading have in gambling. As when we make a trade, we are dealing with the odds. You have seen the best traders have also failed many times, no matter how good they understand the market and using all types of formulas, the same goes for gambling. Sitting on a gamble table doesn’t guarantee you a win or loss. You can see the casino today has raised its standard and become as large as it was never before. Players calculate risk and understand so many mathematical advantages. Succeeding in both gambling and trading is when you change the odds in such a way that all the success falls in your favor. There are so many things which you can learn from online casino to improve better trading. You can also do online gambling for real money. We will discuss some significant similarities between trading and gambling below.

Limiting losses

Traders know how difficult it can be to manage risk and keep losing money. They follow the strategies and try to lose as minimum money in trade they can. The same goes for the gambler, and there are people who say that gamblers keep losing, and it is a matter of just being lucky. It is the fact that luck plays its role, but they have strategies that they follow and keep a minimum amount in risking their gamble. Trading and gambling both connected as they both like to minimize risk and maximize the reward.

Risk and Choice

Gambler and Trader, they both, have decided that how much they are risking. As the trader risk 3 to 5 % of their capital on a trade. Whereas gambler has also agreed to how much they are risking. They analyze the risk of money vs. risk of reward, which they get in return. They both have the main motto of getting more reward and take less risks.

Leap of faith

Traders and gamblers are having lots of similarities; they need to take a leap of faith and agree that they are going to lose at times. It happens mostly when the venture with low odds but has high rewards. While playing gambling, you have low chances of winning, but you have faith, and probably you win more than your regular payouts on the table where you placed less money. The same goes for trading when you take a leap of faith and invest in a risky business when there is a market noise of not investing it, and you win the trade with a high amount. Both of the parties have a risk element among them, so you should cross your finger and hope for the best.