The Best Hobbies To Take Up For Under $200

September 14, 2018

Hobbies are a great way to relax in your free time while doing things that you love! There are so many different hobbies to try, from reading and crocheting to more physical activities like yoga or dancing. It’s important to set some time apart and do something fun to give yourself a break from the stress of work and everyday life.

So if you’re looking to start up a new hobby but are worried about the added expenses of buying new tools and equipment, then don’t worry because we’ve got you covered! Here’s a list of the best hobbies to take up for under $200 so that you can find an enjoyable and relaxing pastime without breaking the bank.

Cooking and Baking

Cooking or baking different types of food is a useful and practical hobby to have – not to mention it can be very fun and satisfying as well! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of eating something delicious that you’ve made in your kitchen. There are so many different recipes to try, with different combinations of ingredients that you might never have thought to put together, which turn into amazing flavours.

Making delicious food is an inexpensive hobby to get into as you probably have most of the equipment you need sitting in your kitchen already and from there all you need are the ingredients. Cooking and baking is a very satisfying and methodical hobby to have and results in amazing food that you can share with your family and friends.


Not only is sewing a fun and creative hobby to get into, but also an incredible skill to have. You can create so many different things with sewing, such as clothing, bags, pillowcases, cushions and many other wonderful things. Sewing is a peaceful pastime that you can still do while watching your favourite shows on the TV or listening to some great music. You can easily find patterns and tutorials to follow online to help improve your skill and technique.

Sewing is also a very handy skill to know as you’ll be able to repair or improve old clothing items. There are endless amounts of different types of fabrics in various colours and patterns that you can play around with and use to create unique material items. There are sewing machines under $200 that you can buy, which will last you a lifetime, so you don’t have to worry about spending too much money!


From drawing and painting to graphic design and digital art on computers, art can be created in multiple ways. So if you feel like getting artsy, all you need to do to start is pick up a pencil and put it to some paper. Art can be a very therapeutic and relaxing hobby to have, as well as being an amazing creative outlet. Don’t worry if you don’t think or good enough or have natural artistic talent, art is subjective and if you enjoy the creative process the that’s all that matters!

All you need to get started are some pencils, paint brushes, paint and some paper. While some art supplies are on the pricey side, they do last a long time and there are many cheaper options you can try first. If you prefer working on a computer, then there are some free programs you could download and try out or get Photoshop for only about $10 a month.


Reading is a great hobby to have as there are so many different genres of books you can go through. Reading can take you to many different worlds and give you a break from reality, as well as give you access to endless information that you can learn new things from. While collecting physical books to read may end up being quite a pricey hobby, you can invest in a Kindle for under $200 and get numerous free e-books from the Kindle Store, not to mention great deals on books that would be very expensive to buy in store. You could also start a book club if you’re looking for a more social hobby, where you can share your books and borrow from other people.


Gardening is a rewarding hobby to get into as it requires patience and continuous work, that results in something beautiful. Gardening can turn your home into a paradise and even if you don’t have a big garden or don’t have one at all, you can still enjoy this hobby. All you need to do is buy some pots, soil and seeds and start to plant! You can even create your own herd garden that’ll help spice up your cooking.

Being outside or just being around green plants and flowers can help improve your general mood and mental health and tending to your plants as they grow from tiny sprouts into beautiful blossoming flowers and bushes is such a satisfying feeling.

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