Botanicals Are the New Drinking?

March 25, 2017

The year 2017 is a very interesting year, to be sure. Some are predicting that 2017 will be the year of disruption such as disruption has never been seen before. No money will become new money, and old money will become no money. Industries are shifting.

This definitely rings true when we come to the area of food and beverages. There have been massive shifts recently in the way we view what we are going to take into our bodies, and many are predicting that this is just the tip of  a massive wave of innovation that will sweep through us all.

For thousands of years in cultures all across the world, alcoholic drinks have been the first choice for people going out to have a good time. There are of course various sound reasons for this. But there is a new wave of drinks called Botanicals, beverage products that are based around super ingredients, or “hero” ingredients, and are designed to be healthful, deliciously flavorful and stimulating from the bottom up.

How many of us are just frankly exhausted, and the last thing we want to do in our precious free time is be imbibing a substance that makes us even more tired (since it is, after all, a central nervous system depressant)? Adding to this, people are now more aware than ever of just how bad for your health drinking alcohol actually is. Botanicals are a hot new product that have a lot of potential to stay in the market because they actually promote health.

Not to mention the recipes are put together with input from people working in gastronomy, people with refined palates who know how to make something taste good!

So the end result are lines of drinks that have amazing new flavors (and every one is vastly different from all the others so variety never is lacking), provide health benefits, are super agreeable to the discerning palate, and in addition to all this, provide proven health benefits. No more hangovers, no more negative effects etc. And you can pick them up everywhere. They even have a My Voucher Codes for it.

Let’s face it; it’s about time that we started thinking more about our health and changed our habits, and this includes not only our work but also our leisure. We see how sick the generations that came before us and how quickly they got that way, and how hard it is to get out of it. So we want to fix the problem at the root, and if that means disruptive changes in our environment, so be it!

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