The importance of food

June 29, 2018

For the body to be said that it functions properly, it needs nutrients. That is why food is essential to people and animals. Access to food is generally every human being’s right, vital to health and ultimately to life. The right amount of food will result in a good and healthy body with an immune system.

The difference in food requirements

How people consume food varies depending on different factors which include sex, culture, age, occupation and race. People from different age groups take in or require different nutrients. This is because as one grows so does the nutritional value required change. Did you know that there food related casino games at online casino blackjack and by playing those games you can be lucky and stand a chance to win great prizes

People are often recognised by the type of food they eat. Different cultures have different foods that make them known world over. In other words, food connects people and places as it is significant to culture and national heritage. Food is also regarded as a cultural biological process and has symbolic meanings attached to it.

Significance of food

Food is a means of bringing people together, family ethnic groups. Christmas day, for Christians, is a festive celebration that is symbolised by food. Hanukkah is a Jewish festive season that brings the people together in celebration with food.

Food is a source of income for those who grow it for example farmers and also those who sell it. Not only does it bring in money for individuals but also for a nation as a whole. Some nations actually depend on these food crops to boost their countries’ economy and encourage interlink between nations.

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Other roles of food

For many centuries food has always been the mark that distinguishes people in society. For example in Britain cake was a symbol of wealth whilst bread was a symbol of poverty and those who are less privileged.

Often a lot of diseases are cured by foods, this is why food is essential in our well being. Heat can also be generated in the body by certain nutrients in food namely fats.

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